Friday, November 30, 2012


This is what I looked like today
I got a lovely package from Chicwish, which I couldn't wait to receive as I love the items: red sequin collar shirt, white blazer and a fake fur accessory. This seriously made my day! It was such a sweet gesture to send me a little Christmas gift (as you can see in the last photo, it's a special little heart shaped box which I will use for jewellery and such - love these handmade things!) and the card is so sweet too, thanks a lot! ♥

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lost my mind and lost my goal

I'm having a bit of inspiration/motivation crisis or at the moment. Or is it just the weather weighing down my mood.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New to the closet

It's been a while since I showed you my new things! Most of it is sent to me by my sponsors, however I  do shop every now and then too. The first thing is actually something I received today, it's this studded peplum top from AX PARIS. I've been wanting a new peplum top for some time now, because my transparent-back peplum top is a bit too much for daily life. You can get it here.
This is also something I got today, basically my military jacket from Chicwish was a little bit too big for me and I really still wanted one, so I ordered this one from Romwe as a sponsored item. It fits me very well and as soon as it gets warmer again (that might take a while...) I'll start wearing it! Here's the link,  if you're interested to see a better photo! There is only one single item left, though. (PS: just noticed one of the studs is standing a bit weirdly - my bad!)  I got this skirt off sale on ASOS, it was only around 10£ (reduced from 30£). I'm not a big skirt girl, especially during the cold seasons, but I am big on staple skirts. Basically I get a simple skirt that goes with everything and then I wear it for years, and I'm pretty sure this will be one of those! If you're interested, here is the link, however they are selling out quite fast and there is currently only UK size 10 and up. Another ASOS purchase! Just like with skirt, I'm not a big bag girl either, in fact, I find it very hard to find a bag that I like, therefore I wear it for ages, even if it's falling apart (like my studded Wang lookalike a few years ago - remember?). Anyway, I am very happy with this bag, I've actually packed all my other bags away, because I don't actually think I need them anymore after this purchase! It's not a huge bag, it can fit A4, but with difficulties. Not a problem, though, since I don't need to carry too many books after finishing high school. Loving the skinny golden details, by the way! The next item is this wonderfully detailed bodycon mini dress from the Sheinside team. It fits me very well and I can't wait to wear it, although I'm saving it for a special occasion, not just any night. Unfortunately the dress has now sold out. Yesterday I received this color block bag from Chicnova. I have still to wear this bag, but it has such a lovely design (notice the tassels?) that I'm pretty sure I'll wear it soon, despite my love for the ASOS bag above. I also ordered two pairs of boots from Bershka, they were both on a very reduced price and looked like they were good quality. The first pair you've already seen in my outfit post below. This pair is actually made of leather and the suede in the front feels so nice. I love the detailing of it too - in real life it's slightly brighter than in the photo. These heels don't actually have a platform so they feel quite high, therefore I haven't worn them yet, but I'm certain it'll happen soon!

What did you think of my new things and which items did you like best? 

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Rainy Monday

Preparing for a photoshoot some weeks ago!
I made Kaori marshmallow hot chocolate when she came to mine before us leaving to London!
A new dress I got recently. So excited to wear it - keeping it for some special occasion, though!

These shots mainly just serve the purpose of making the post more eye-catching, the truth is that today I have absolutely no inspiration and I'm just sleepy. However there is something that I've been meaning to ask YOU, my amazing readers! Since I've come to the UK, I noticed that a lot of things are different here to what I was used to back in Luxembourg, including the blogs! When I went to the 2 blogger events last week, I only recognized a few bloggers, so I'd really appreciate if you commented here with some links of good UK blogs that you think I should know of? I'd love to spend a few hours getting to know the UK blogs better! Could be yours too, if you like! ♥

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dahlia Blogger Christmas event

As mentioned earlier, me and Kaori went to the lovely Dahlia blogger event on Thursday. I didn't even know that Dahlia had an actual shop (I thought it was online only) until I stumbled upon the boutique sometime in October. It's a small and cozy place, everything is absolutely cute and pretty, when you go in there, you don't even know which direction to look first! I will now take you through the photos of the event. They were giving us these little biscuits which looked so cute that you couldn't simply say no and just walk past. Champagne was also offered, but I didn't have any because I don't really drink champagne. We were invited to take a look at their collection - pieces that were already on sale and pieces that are only coming to the store in about a week. There was a lot of variation in their pieces, as you can see here: lace, shine, glitter, tribal, vintage-look, leather... Basically something for everyone! I met one of my favorite bloggers, Camilla from Into The Fold, and she was so lovely, we had a nice chat about the most random things and also snapped a photo together. This is what I wore that day. I was incredibly stressed for my presentation due the next day, so I decided to keep it simple instead of trying to come up with something very creative. Other than the lovely clothes on show, they had also displayed a lot of nice jewellery, with this one being my favorite. I think a piece like this could spice up any simple outfit, but unfortunately I didn't buy it. We were also offered to get some custom made collar accessories, basically those chains that you stick on the ends of your shirt collar. I got the ones with spikes and with leaves. We all had 20% off, as well as a nice offer from a lucky dip hat (I got 10£ off my purchase as well as the 20% off, and Kaori got a free accessory), so we were not only checking out the collection to see what is up and coming, but also to see what will be coming home with us! We both loved this shirt but were too scared to ask how much it costs (student life, huh?), however Kaori still tried it on and got a lot of compliments from everyone.
Camilla and Arabella being interviewed by the camera crew!
Me and Tracey Mitchell, the designer and owner of Dahlia. Very lovely and creative lady, I'm so impressed by all her efforts and how great the shop has turned out!
As I mentioned earlier, I got a huge discount and I decided I can't let that go to waste, so I bought this cute blouse. This was the content of my goodie bag - I must say, they spoiled us a lot! We got discount code for Dahlia, notebooks, a very creative magazine from China, lots of goodies for the skin (in the pink little bag), an amazing nail polish from Ciate, a Dahlia tote bag. And finally, the polaroid! They took a polaroid of each guest and hung it on the wall, it was such a fun thing to do! I love having these kinds of souvenirs which are not only on my laptop but can also be stuck on my wall.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Outfit: Thursday

Sorry for the bad update, I have been very busy during the last week but finally I am free because yesterday I did my Body Shop presentation! Obviously last night I went out to party and today I've simply been enjoying the freedom. Anyway, on Thursday me and Kaori went to London once again to another blogger Christmas party, this time at the wonderful Dahlia on Carnaby Street (most awesome shopping place ever - full of small boutiques!). I have a lot of photos from this event, which I will post later, for now I quickly wanted to show you my outfit that day. I ordered some things from ASOS and Bershka last week and was so happy when they came to me the day before the event, so I could wear them. What do you think about them? These are my outfit details:

Coat - Mango via ASOS
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Bershka
Bag - ASOS 
Scarf - Topshop

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Motel Rocks Christmas party!

Last night me and Kaori (link) went to London to the Motel Rocks Christmas blogger party. It was hosted at a Bar called Floripa, which was a fabulous location - the interior was personalized very nicely to fit the party. The goodie bags were packed as Christmas presents which were given on the way out, so sweet! Let me take you through the evening: First me and Kaori got our hair done by the celebrity hair dresser Lee Stafford. He and his team were really nice and funny, AND they managed to do the impossible - curl my hair in a way that it actually lasts! Whenever I do it myself, my hair just goes straight and flat after a few hours. All their products and tools were bright pink, so tempting! If you want to visit his website and learn more, click here. We then got our make-up done with the products of myface.cosmetics (link). I loved the eyeshadow they used on me, and the mascara made my lashes so much longer and bolder :D I felt like a princess after having my hair and make-up done, haha! After that we went to pick out an item we'd like from their collection, it was a very hard choice as the things were really nice! The way we had to choose was to actually write down 3 items in the order of preference and then they'd send us one, so I actually have no idea what I will get - love the feeling of mystery!
Me and Tolu from Fashinate Me (click). Was so nice to meet you!
There was also an opportunity to get fake eyelashes done with Eyelure, but me and Kaori didn't do this. Looked fun though! Obviously we had to go and try out the crazy photobooth, and it seemed like we were not the only ones - we waited for ages in the queue! Below are the results (I'm wearing Santa Claus reindeer ears by the way) We hung around this table for quite a while - not only to check out the shoes, the jewellery and the catalogues, but also to get some chips and chocolate! Later we  decided to take a look at the new collection which should be in store very soon. These pants are not something new, though, but I couldn't resist snapping a photo of them - I first fell in love with them when I saw them on a fashion blogger around half a year ago! There were quite a lot of "fun" dresses and tops, such as this one which is all covered with colorful decorations, or long-sleeved crop tops with bright shoutout signs on the front.
I was crazy about the studded leather items, there were jackets, dresses and pants.

We found these cute tiny shorts - love the design but I'd be too scared to wear them out!
They had a lot of these kind of ballerina dresses with a skinny bustier top and wide, nice flowing skirt part, i was particularly interested in this one. A large part of their new collection contained sequined dresses, they were all bodycon and in different colors. What I found interesting was the fact that they were actually made of velvet, with sequins on top. I was also crazy about these kind of details I found on a number of items - lately I'm all about shiny and clear details like these! I think the first one is a playsuit and the other one was a dress. After the party, me and Kaori tried to run to the tube as fast as possible (in my Jeffrey Campbells!) to make it to the 9:50 train back to the uni, but soon we realized that if we missed it we could eat sushi at the Waterloo station, and as soon as the thought came in our heads, we slowed the pace down a little.....  How do you like the packaging of the gifts, by the way? I think it's so cute! As planned, we missed the train and spent some time at Wasabi in Waterloo station. Such a good ending to the day! I love the gifts I got! They're all courtesy of myface.cosmetics and are worth around 60-70£, crazy, right? I felt so appreciated yesterday, haha! I wasn't so sure about the yellow/green eyeshadow at first, but when I tried it out, it was actually very golden and the green was very subtle. I'm so glad I got these gifts because I was thinking about buying something from this brand after they did my make-up. My two favorites from the gifts are these two, simply because I'm crazy about purple. I'm already wearing the nail polish and I'm very pleased with the look. I might show you a picture later!

Overall, I had so much fun at the event and I've never seen so many well-dressed people in one place, it was crazy! I've also never experienced something like this before, so it was quite new and relaxing to be in an environment where everyone talks about blogging - in normal daily life, it's not such a common thing, so people are confused, they also ask you weird questions and look at your weirdly when you take photos, but there it was all normal. I also learnt some things, such as the fact that most bloggers actually have business cards which they exchange when they meet one another. It's probably time to get some soon as well! Hope you enjoyed the post, I will go to sleep early tonight, goodnight ♥