Tuesday, November 6, 2012

London Photodiary

 We started the day at Sara's sister's accommodation at London College of Fashion
To kill the time we made tons of housewife photos :D 
 We then went to Kensington with the two twin sister's and a latvian girl called Katrīna. Seeing Alex Pettyfer in Zara was a nice little extra!
Katrīna, Reem, Sara :)

One of my favorite places in London for sushi is definitely Wasabi! I paid £7,50 for all this, pretty good!
We then went to Harrods 
After a very exhausting Harrods visit (there were simply too many people) we squatted at this table where a guy was presenting soda making machines, he kept making us free sodas :D The windows outside Harrods all had different Disney princesses, each window was decorated nicely with glitter, lights and other things, all the princesses were dressed in amazing dresses made by Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, etc.
 There were also windows filled with gigantic Chanel perfume bottles
Towards the evening I met Krisztina, who goes to UCL now, and we had nice dinner at Pizza Express, before having predrinks at her place and then going out with her friends to the UCL student's union bar. It was a great night! < The next morning we went to Camden town, it was my very first time there so it was quite an interesting experience. We both bought identical shoes too! That's all for my weekend guys, it was really fun and well needed! I've a lot of new things to show you in the next few days as I received huge parcels from random shops and parents today, feels like Christmas already! ♥


  1. Looks like you´re having a really great time out there!

  2. wait...did you see ACTUAL alex pettyfer??!

    1. Haha yes! I didn't recognize him at first but Sara was freaking out and wondering wether to ask for a picture but he seemed like he wanted to stay low-key so we decided to leave him alone.

  3. Really interesting post! :)

    Almost looks like you're having a time of your life! Are you? ;)

  4. Alex Pettyfe OMG :D
    amazing pictures Kristiana! :)