Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New stuff

Since I came to the UK, I've got a lot of new clothes/shoes/accessories, either purchased myself or sent to me from my sponsors. I've been meaning to show you some of them for a long time but I can never catch the light, because I'm busy during the day and in the evening it's simply too dark to take nice photos. Anyway, here are a few of my new things, the other things I'll show in the next posts. My first maxi skirt ever. Couldn't take a proper full size photo, so I just made a detail shot. I've never been a maxi skirt girl, but I always had a vision of MY perfect maxi skirt, and a few weeks ago while I was strolling through the shops in town, I found it! High waisted, see through, burgundy, 12 pounds. Perfect, huh? These I bought in some random shoe shop in Camden Town. I've been eyeing the very similar Office wedge sneakers for a while now, but I was never sure, the fit seemed to look too big on my feet. When me and Krisztina saw these on Sunday, we couldn't resist but each buy a pair! The price was much lower and the fit was much nicer on our feet. Something I bought quite a while ago are these heeled sandals from H&M. The price was very good, the velvet heel and strap caught my eye immediately and they are really comfy too. I liked them so much that I even wore them last Friday night to town when it was way below 10 degrees. Worth it! I received these sunglasses from some days ago. I've been wearing my very similar Romwe sunglasses like crazy so I figured that a black pair of these would be the perfect addition to my otherwise very brown/leopard print sunglasses collection.

What do you think of my new things? Which one did you like the best? Can't wait to show you the rest!


  1. The shoes and sunglasses are amazing! I´m sure the glasses would look great with red lipstick.

  2. the h&m sandals are gorgeous !! :))

  3. Is the maxi skirt from Primark? I thought I saw one like that a few months ago but didn't really feel like it suited me, but that one looks gorgeous! I'm loving burgundy stuff at the moment :)
    And I spy british glamour magazines, I love glamour :) except it costs 5€ here in luxembourg so I wait til my family visits and brings some over :) xx

  4. sneakers, love them <33
    I can't wait to see maxi skirts on you, color is so beautifull ;)