Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New to the closet

It's been a while since I showed you my new things! Most of it is sent to me by my sponsors, however I  do shop every now and then too. The first thing is actually something I received today, it's this studded peplum top from AX PARIS. I've been wanting a new peplum top for some time now, because my transparent-back peplum top is a bit too much for daily life. You can get it here.
This is also something I got today, basically my military jacket from Chicwish was a little bit too big for me and I really still wanted one, so I ordered this one from Romwe as a sponsored item. It fits me very well and as soon as it gets warmer again (that might take a while...) I'll start wearing it! Here's the link,  if you're interested to see a better photo! There is only one single item left, though. (PS: just noticed one of the studs is standing a bit weirdly - my bad!)  I got this skirt off sale on ASOS, it was only around 10£ (reduced from 30£). I'm not a big skirt girl, especially during the cold seasons, but I am big on staple skirts. Basically I get a simple skirt that goes with everything and then I wear it for years, and I'm pretty sure this will be one of those! If you're interested, here is the link, however they are selling out quite fast and there is currently only UK size 10 and up. Another ASOS purchase! Just like with skirt, I'm not a big bag girl either, in fact, I find it very hard to find a bag that I like, therefore I wear it for ages, even if it's falling apart (like my studded Wang lookalike a few years ago - remember?). Anyway, I am very happy with this bag, I've actually packed all my other bags away, because I don't actually think I need them anymore after this purchase! It's not a huge bag, it can fit A4, but with difficulties. Not a problem, though, since I don't need to carry too many books after finishing high school. Loving the skinny golden details, by the way! The next item is this wonderfully detailed bodycon mini dress from the Sheinside team. It fits me very well and I can't wait to wear it, although I'm saving it for a special occasion, not just any night. Unfortunately the dress has now sold out. Yesterday I received this color block bag from Chicnova. I have still to wear this bag, but it has such a lovely design (notice the tassels?) that I'm pretty sure I'll wear it soon, despite my love for the ASOS bag above. I also ordered two pairs of boots from Bershka, they were both on a very reduced price and looked like they were good quality. The first pair you've already seen in my outfit post below. This pair is actually made of leather and the suede in the front feels so nice. I love the detailing of it too - in real life it's slightly brighter than in the photo. These heels don't actually have a platform so they feel quite high, therefore I haven't worn them yet, but I'm certain it'll happen soon!

What did you think of my new things and which items did you like best? 

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  1. Man vislabāk patika pirmais tops un zābaki. Būs jāiet lūkoties, vai šādi zābaki ir arī Latvijā.

  2. I really like the skirt and the bag ! ;)
    very simple ;)

    greetings from Luxembourg :)


  3. I really want that black bag!! It is lush :)

  4. that black & brown bag just took my heart! luv it!

  5. I like the peplum top, the skirt and the black bag!!!