Monday, November 26, 2012

Rainy Monday

Preparing for a photoshoot some weeks ago!
I made Kaori marshmallow hot chocolate when she came to mine before us leaving to London!
A new dress I got recently. So excited to wear it - keeping it for some special occasion, though!

These shots mainly just serve the purpose of making the post more eye-catching, the truth is that today I have absolutely no inspiration and I'm just sleepy. However there is something that I've been meaning to ask YOU, my amazing readers! Since I've come to the UK, I noticed that a lot of things are different here to what I was used to back in Luxembourg, including the blogs! When I went to the 2 blogger events last week, I only recognized a few bloggers, so I'd really appreciate if you commented here with some links of good UK blogs that you think I should know of? I'd love to spend a few hours getting to know the UK blogs better! Could be yours too, if you like! ♥

By the way.. Some links you could find me on: 


  1. Man patīk šī meitene

  2. Your blogging is way more better than when you were in Luxembourg !

  3. your halls kitchen looks so tidy! Mine was always a mess; lucky to have tidy flatmates I guess :)

  4. Love the AX Paris peplum top. xx


  5. Glad you continued blogging in the UK. xx