Saturday, December 22, 2012

My winter party staple items

Hey everyone! I've been requests of doing vlogs for a loooooong time and since getting an SLR with the video function I thought I should really use it more often, therefore I made this video today. I already mentioned somewhere that I don't really like the typical vlogs where people talk about their day (that's why I stopped doing it, it just never felt quite right), I rather prefer vlogs with some kind of content. It took me quite a while to edit it as I've never really done it before, and also my hands aren't very steady when holding the camera, but I tried my best. Hope you like it! ♥

PS. Not having had a lot of experience making videos, I sort of messed up the sound a bit ( it's way too high /hurts your ears at some points, doesn't it?), but the problem was that this only happened once I uploaded the video, not on my laptop. Does anyone know how to fix it? Meanwhile, just turn off the sound or something, haha. If I manage to fix it, I'll reupload it! 


  1. Great video and great advice!
    I Loved~

  2. your clothes are really pretty,
    and yes the sound is a bit messed up :/
    I think you could try and change the music file format?