Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Today's outfit

Today was a very cold winters day, so I wore all my warmest clothes but it didn't stop me from freezing my nose and ears off :D On days like this I honestly don't care how I look as long as I'm warm!
I bought some new boots today, I will probably wear them tomorrow. I have a serious shoe addiction. Fact.

Now I'm going to watch the newest episode of Gossip Girl, and then go to bed. Got an exam tomorrow afternoon, so I can sleep in again. Gotta love holidays exam weeks! Goodnight :-)

Monday, January 30, 2012

More shopping

Here's the blue dress I ordered from New Look :) it's from the kids section, I took size 164 cm/14 years, but i think I should've taken a smaller one, as strange as it sounds because the dress is a bit too big. The same thing happened with some skirt I once ordered from the kids section, so I think it's a general thing.. Anyway, I've stayed home again today, because I've no exam or school, right now just lying in bed, watching Two and a Half Men and blogging from my phone (: later I'll go shopping for a bit, and then have a driving lesson in the evening.

Denim dress

Today I received a little gift from Naketano :) The dress is a size XS and it fits absolutely perfectly. The material, as always, is so nice against the skin. I have a feeling it'll be overworn in the summer! :D I already tried it with some summer heels, haha :) By the way, the dress has been ironed now, after I took these photos :D

If you want the same dress, you can get it here. If you're around my size, and you can't choose between XS and S, I'd recommend XS, it fits me perfectly :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pendulum vs Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Island

Good morning! I'm now getting ready, because soon I'm going to work, quite nervous! Afterwards I'm going to a sushi restaurant with my family to celebrate my sister's birthday. I can't wait to eat sushi AGAIN :D I'm in a hurry now, still have to eat something as well, so I'm off now! xo

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Last night

Anne-Marie, Maria and me :) 

Krisztina, Zsofia, Anne-Marie 

Cuties ♥

Bruno obsessing over the music :P

Bruno, Gijs, Filippo :D 

Last night was pretty wicked! First we were at Bruno's place for a warm-up for Bernardo's birthday, it was fun and I took a lot of videos with my camera :P Then we went to town, as usual x)

Avicii - Levels (Skrillex remix)

(my outfit on Thursday, really couldn't bother to dress up or even put in my lenses for my exam)
Hey! Today I was super lazy, stayed in bed until around 3 PM. Then I did my chores and stuff, and soon I will need to go babysit.. There I will have to use the time to plan my working methods for tomorrow, I'm really nervous about the job!!! Will tell you more perhaps another time, but I don't think it's very relevant to my blog. Anyway, I'll go now. Sorry for the poor update, will post more later :)
PS: My room is super tidy now, unlike in the photo, it's not always like this haha!

Friday, January 27, 2012


Yesterday my New Look heels (and the rest) arrived! :) The heels are DAMN high, even they might not appear as high, without a platform it's a bit more than 10 cm, but they're really breaking my feet when I walk, unlike my other heels :P Anyway, they're awesome and I'll try to wear them to town when there isn't too much walking outdoors involved :D

27 January

Sorry for no update the last two days. I was very tired, always studying or sleeping.. Finally I have time to relax because I have no school and exam for 6 days! Today I slept in a bit, woke up around 9:30 and started tidying my room and getting ready, because I'm gonna meet the girls after their exam and go for lunch (SUSHI :)). In the evening I'm probably going out, to celebrate an Italian friend's birthday :P

NEW in: scarves

I forgot to show you these two scarves that I got recently :) I am really in the need of some more scarves, especially warm ones. The red one is very warm, the leopard snood is not :D Anyway, I can't wait to wear the red one, it's so BIG, like a blanket, actually! :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but right now I have two exam weeks where I have no school, just exams :P I have an exam every day until Thursday, after which I am absolutely free until Wednesday, again free on Thursday next week and then back to school on Friday next week (and my driving exam). I've got a lot of free time soon, but so far it's very stressing, since these exams will largely affect our final result which will decide whether we get into the uni's we want or not! I'm really stressed, tired 24/7 (fell asleep in my german exam today as well), and as you can see in the pics, I'm sleeping with school papers, hah. Anyway, I could live in these clothes all week, it's so comfortable and nobody cares to dress up for exams (hoodies, sweatpants and big socks are the real deal). Today I had German, which was okay. Tomorrow I have English and I need to prepare because I'll be asked to answer an essay question referencing 3 texts (I'm going to do Blood Brothers, fragment from Taming the Tiger and Clara's Day :P). The exam is 3 hours long, so afterwards I'll just stay in school and study for Maths which is on Thursday.. After studying I have another driving lesson, and I actually really enjoy it now :D That's basically my plan, boring but necessary :D Goodnight! xo


Today I received my second gift from Sigma beauty!

This time it was a cute little brush, little as in short, because the brush itself is quite wide! The other one I received I use it for applying foundation, and this one will be for normal powder :D By the way, again, it's super soft, aaaah :D If you're interested to see more, click here :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Black wedges

Okay I did not need these, as in, they weren't an absolute life necessity to help me survive, etc. But the official story is that I've had my eye on them for about two months, but I stayed away because i did not need them. However, today I saw the very last pair, and it just happened that the very last pair was in my size, so it was obviously a sign and I obviously cannot ignore a thing like that. Right? Anyways, I know I'm gonna wear them a lot, so happy now ♥


Heyhey! :) The photo is one I took today behind the scenes during my shoot for an online and soon to be published on paper magazine :) My day was pretty random.. I had a Latvian prebac, and it lasted from 9 to 1, so I knew I absolutely NEEDED some candy, went to the store and showed up a bit late to the prebac, the teachers gave me judgmental looks so I just hurried to my seat! The prebac was so long, had to write three essays.. afterwards I went to town for some shopping for myself and my sister's birthday gift (happy birthday!), then I had a driving lesson, and then the shoot. Now I'm home, horribly tired... will download Desperate Housewives new episode and go to bed soon. I'll post some more tonight, though. ♥

Sunday, January 22, 2012


My new Bershka wedges. They're too small, so I'm trying to stretch them with various methods :D 

I'm taking photos of myself all the time since I got my new camera :D 

Me and Victor :P

My wedges from Rules By Mary ♥

This is how I do  my make up :D 

Me and Mariaaaaa

Sometimes when I can't decide which outfit to wear, I take mirror photos and it helps me :P I didn't wear this outfit in the end, though!

Two weeks ago 

Gabriele and Nuno @ Interview :D 

My Bershka heels ♥

Kinda creepy, but I love the grainy effect :)

Occasionally, I feel really hungry at midnight or after.. I used to make really big foods at that time but some days ago I just cut up a paprika and it was so good that I had to take a photo while eating :D Also healthier ! 

With my new brush from Sigma (click)

Me and Antoine! 

Some more camera-whoring, I really should stop this :(

UPDATE: wow, I didn't know you actually enjoy the face photos I take of myself, thanks for the compliments, and I guess I'll continue then :)