Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Zara heels

This Saturday I'm walking in a big fashion show and I need to find some heels for it.. I could use the ones they lend me, but I want my own, to make sure they're not too big or too small... They need to be light colored because the show will be for the Spring/Summer collections. I was looking at the heels @ and I found a few. They're all really pricey so I need to make sure they're heels which I'll wear afterwards as well :p I don't know which ones to take though... What do you think? My favorite are the ones with the jewels, but they're also the most expensive, at 90euro.. The top right ones are really nice too, but too plain for 70 euro, don't you think? The very first ones are nice too, but somehow I'm not very sure..
I like all of them, but can't choose, so please help me : )
I will probably also check some cheap shops in town and gare for some heels, but if I don't find anything, I'm buying one of these!

I noticed a lot of you liked my new biker jacket. I'm sooooooo in love with it, I could live in it, really :D It's really warm on the inside too x) If you're interested in this jacket, here's the link> click!
When I had to choose what I want from this shop, it was really difficult because they have a lot of nice things! The shoes are amazing and I got really stuck in the dresses department because I was wondering if I should search my graduation dress there. A lot of the shoes are lookalikes, but they're really pretty and the price is much lower, so why not (:

Disturbed - Dehumanized

Hey blog! Today I stayed home from school. Did a lot of stuff, like laundry, uploaded new photos of the clothes that I don't wear and want to sell, tidied my room.. I'm really stressing out about the weekend, so I'm trying to put my mind off it by doing a lot of random things :p
I'm also participating in Black March so today I downloaded ALL the series and episodes that I haven't got yet, so I could survive March : )
Oh and if you're into more heavy music, do listen to the song in the title, I love it ♥

Monday, February 27, 2012


Last Tuesday Amalie slept over at my place and we had a cider night with Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother :D


Got this white polo from (clickable). It's size S and fits well! I really like white polos with high waisted blue jeans, and white tennis shoes, ahhh so nice :D 
New hair color in a different light :) will do it again soon, because I didn't keep it in long ( just in case ) so the roots are not completely colored.

 Breakfast on Sunday

The whole last week my family were in Morocco but I really needed some time to relax so I stayed in Luxembourg. They brought me back this necklace, it's made of precious stones and they glitter naturally :)

Mint + pearl

Some lazy webcam pictures of me today :D I came home early, read a book (need to read soooooo much stuff for school this year!!!), and then fell asleep.. This week it's all about the L1 presentation on a book called "Aija" on Thursday, and mentally preparing myself for the crazy weekend which will be full of work and sometime between all the work I'll go to the LMFAO concert.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yesterday's outfit

Biker jacket - (click for exact link), Jeans - Dr Denim, Primark heels, Bag - Chicwish (click). The shirt is just my uniform for my job yesterday and for some upcoming parties. This was simply my outfit before I went to work. Love my new jacket!
Try checking out Gap for similar clothes with these amazing coupons and save some money!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Awkward shopping video

Sorry for my awkwardness! I was very tired :P Also my voice sounds so weird/different on videos, I never recognize myself. Anyway, I hope you like it, because I remember a few of you suggested haul videos :-)

New hair color

I dyed my hair today.. A bit darker blond :) i like it! Right now I'm on my way to Sofitel. Took some outfit photos which I'll publish later! :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

New in

 I thought I would show two items that I bought yesterday, before showing you the shopping video where I show ALL the items :D I'm in love with mint and pastel colors lately, and I just HAD to take this cardigan, especially because of the pearl detail, awww ♥

This violet dress is probably my favorite item from the things I bought. So in love with it! It's so light, and flowy :)

Blogger shopping meeting

Yesterday we had the second blogger meeting, and we went to Saarbrucken for shopping! The main shop where we wanted to go was Primark, so it was the first stop. However, I couldn't resist snapping a photo of this blue bubblegum ice cream on the way!

Here we are!

Nathalie and Jenny :) 

After the shopping, waiting for the others. Pic borrowed from Jenny 

Happy girls! (Nora, Elizabete and me) Pic borrowed from Nora

My stuff :)

Going for lunch! Pic borrowed from Jenny

 At Vapiano :)

 Heleret :) YES, she does have a blog! (however I do not know the link to it)

 Pasta carbonara, the best ♥

 Noraaa :) 

 Elizabete :)

Vicky and Emma :D 

This is what I bought :-) I made a very awkward shopping haul video, it's loading now, heh..

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

7 degrees + sun = summer!

Here's some photos of me today, heh :D Tomorrow I'm going to Saarbrucken with the bloggers so I need to get up early.. It's going to be a very busy day! Let's just hope my exceptional organisational skills do not fail me :D

Billy Talent

Last night I went out for a while and met Amalie, we then went to my place and watched TV series :DD Anyway, this is what I wore.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


My by Florian De Rosnay

My dogggg :D 

Some weeks ago

New shoes, also new Dr Denim's (identical to my old ones)

@ Heleret's place last Saturday, watching Heleret's brother make tiramisu for his girlfriend :D 

Heleret had the most awesome tea :D 

Waiting at Heleret's place for my friends to arrive.. it was a chill evening :)

Freeeeeaky :D 

At Amalie's birthday party in November.. It was a dress up party and I went as a cowgirl.

Me and Florentia @ Bypass some months ago :)

Me and Jonas, the man! He was a hitman at the party :D

I'm selling my Ray Ban sunglasses.. because I always think they really don't suit me, and they're the only pair of sunglasses I still have, so I'll use the money I get for these + some of my own money to finally buy the Ray Ban cateye sunglasses, I've wanted them for almost a year now! For all you followers, here are some awesome Amazon coupons! Maybe I'll get the Ray Ban cateye sunglasses with these!

Yesterday I met Kate :)

Laughing, like always :D (and yes, there was another cowgirl at the party, behind me, and at some point later  in the evening I challenged her to a dance marathon :D)

Me and Amalie yesterday :) ♥