Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This is what I wore yesterday :D It's really simple, but I love the top! It's size 40 and I got it for only 5 euros :) and apparently my fake tan disaster wasn't that obvious, my mum said I'm just imagining it, and in town nobody gave me weird looks haha. 


Some photos me and the girls took yesterday at Interview :D


Here's a preview of my new dress from http://axparis.co.uk/! It's most probably the dress I will wear to Bal du Bac. It's just so so so perfect and I feel like a princess in it ♥ Will shoot some proper photos outside soon and show the full dress. However, girls, I need your advice! I wanted to choose the black dress but they didn't have my size anymore, so I chose the peach one. I'm just stuck with the accessories (bag+shoes). What colors would go with this? For the shoes I already tried my beige ones with the metal heel from Zara, they look quite good, but buying new ones especially for this is also an option. I would love to hear some suggestions, it would be really helpful :) Thanks! 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Lazy days

I have a week off now, and all I've been doing is being lazy, eating, drinking and watching TV series in bed. On Saturday I went to the foam party @ Space Bar, it was crazy haha. Yesterday I sunbathed a lot, then I decided I wasn't tanned enough so I did some fake tan business on my legs which turned out to be a disaster :D How long does fake tan normally last? :D Tonight I'll be meeting Krisztina and Anne-Marie for dinner and a drink. Before that I will try to tidy my room as good as possible!
I should also study quite a lot this week, as the next two weeks I have my written exams. Then again a week off and then two weeks of oral exams, and these exams will pretty much decide my future :P

Saturday, May 26, 2012

One day

This is what I wore to school on Thursday, which was my last real school day, with lessons and all. I can also show you the other half of my www.sheinside.com gifts, which are the top and the bag. After choosing the top, I think I actually saw a very similar one from far away in H&M, weird :P but it's really nice and I can find a lot of things to wear with it. The bag is also really nice, and it's something I've been looking for for quite a while for the summer :)
 Here are the product links, in case you're interested; the top, the bag.
Don't forget to use the code Kris20, if you order something from Sheinside and want to get a 20% discount :) 

Last week of school

My outfit on Wednesday (gangster/rapper dress up day)
 Our yearbook!!!!! Our "symbol" is the Bacman, that's why he has a B :P long story..
 Zsofia and Maria :) 
 Gabriele and Nathalie in Interview
 Signing the yearbook :D 
 Maria on Thursday night (there was a camping school party in the field in front of La Coque, with tents, drinks and food, however we left around 2 to go to Maria's place and sleep there.
My costume on THE day! (Yesterday) The theme was heroes so I dressed up as Tinkerbell.
 The girls @ Maria's place
 Jonas and Marta at the school party, doing the Sumo fighting game :D This was after the part where we threw shaving creme, flour, water and eggs at the lower years!
Me and Giuliano :D He was Peter Pan, I was Tinkerbell (this was after I took a shower at the school gym, before that I was completely white and sticky from all the stuff that was thrown)  Jonas :D 

My girls Marta and Krisztina :) 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last day of school ever

Today is my last day of school/classes in high school..ever. So weird, right?! Somehow it feels perfectly normal. I guess I haven't grasped the reality yet. I can't wait for the following days though. Today after school I'll go home, get ready, then Maria's place, then behind the school to the camping party which will go all night long (although we will sleep at Maria's place, cause she lives near :P). Then in the morning we'll dress up in our costumes and make our way to the supermarket to buy all kinds of supplies to throw on the kids (water, flour, shaving cream..). It's a tradition for the seniors to do all this on the Friday after their last school day. We will stand outside the gates where students will exist and throw all kinds of stuff at them haha :D I used to hate when they did that, but now that it's my turn... it's time for vengeance! >:D haha, can't wait. And on Saturday me and the girls are going to a foam party at the bar where Marta works!
Will take outfit photos today, but I'm not sure how the update will go.. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wine + stripes

Today I finally had time to go to the post office after school (it always closes at 5 so on normal days I don't have time), because since we only have 2 days left of school, i go to hardly any classes (only those that I will have an exam in). I've been waiting for this package for ages, and I'm sure you all remember the shoes which I posted about a month ago? So I'm really happy to finally get these clothes (and some others which I will show you later) from the lovely http://www.sheinside.com/ team!  I changed the dress a bit (after taking the photos), though. I removed the padding on breasts and I also cut out the underskirt, because I would prefer the skirt to be less puffy, so I could wear the dress in daily life, not just parties :)
You can buy the shoes here and the dress here :)
Get 20% off at www.sheinside.com by entering Kris20 at the checkout.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pyjamas day

So as I wrote yesterday, today was the pyjamas day :D of course i took some photos. This is Gaby in her pyjamas, looking extremely "happy" :D
 Grandma style

 Annelo :D 
 I don't have any pyjamas, so I just wore some comfy house clothes + my slippers
Then it was time for the senior prank. These were the first brave guys who made their way to the lockers of the younger years. 
 They lied down on the cold floor in their pyjamas.. 
 More 7th years came along, as well as more spectators..
 The idea was that we, as seniors, are so tired of all these years of school that on the Monday of our last week we came in pyjamas and had to take a nap from the tiredness :D we had previously arranged the prank on our Facebook group.
 Soon the whole big corridor was filled with sleepers, it was a loooong line! The little kids clapped at us when we got up and got on with our day hahah
 Me today :P I had my "comfy" pyjama outfit, but I hid it under my scarf and jacket :D 
 Me and my good friend Carlos after school!
My friends waiting for the bus in their pyjamas hahahah