Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday night

My first time blogging from my mac. I still feel like a handicap while using it, but I tried to take some photos of my outfit for tonight.. I couldn't find a way to resize them in iPhoto so I tried to do it on blogger instead, where I only managed to change the width, so they're actually wider but the height is still the same, that's why it looks a bit weird :p Sorry for the mess in my room, this is all because of my exams, i don't really notice such things right now. Anyway, I stayed home last night to study and I studied all day so I feel like I deserve some fun. Will meet my girls in an hour or so! Wearing my chicwish waterfall skirt today. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Yesterday's outfit

 Yesterday's outfit: top from, shorts from Romwe, Chicwish bag, Zara sandals and Mango sunglasses.

Sneak peak

This morning the postman came and brought me a new package with these two items. Will show outfit pictures soon, but before that, here's a sneak peak. I got to say, I was very impressed! The package came from this site: and unlike some other Asian shops I've come accross, the items are really good quality and the shipping was so fast (normally it's 2 weeks, but this time it was 4 days) which is something I haven't experienced for a long time. Awesome! 

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Yesterday before gym
Hey guys! Sorry for the little absense, been busy. Yesterday I started the day with a couple of hours at the gym - I'm really starting to like it :D In the evening I had an amazing date with dinner at Maybe Not Bobs (they have the BEST bacon there!!!) and then late cinema, we saw Snowhite and the Hunstman - my choice, not his, obviously :D Today I simply relaxed, ate my Schokobons and played with my new laptop. I will soon pull myself together and go to town for some hours. 

Graduation gift

Today my dad returned from New York, and he bought me my graduation gift - the newest Macbook Air! It's so thin, oh my god. I'm still trying to adjust, because all my life I've been a Windows girl, and I still will be. Will give my big Acer laptop to my grandma, and I'll keep the Mac and my small HP for university.
If you have some tips, or feel like telling me how to do simple things like open a new tab, etc on a Mac, that would be really helpful, because it's like a completely new language to me and I keep getting pissed off at it :D 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


 We took some pictures, because our first visit to the gym should be memorable :DD

 As always, I'm the first one ready to go, so to make time go faster, I took lots of photos :P
Cutiepie Zsofia :) 

 Some after-gym photos, before going to Macdonalds/ice cream place :DDD
Me and Heleret :) Zsofi really knows how to focus a photo!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mint blazer

This is what I wore today when I met my friends in town. Finally have some free time, so great! In the weekend, I studied both days 9 hours and then before my history exam I studied 4 more hours, meaning I studied a total of 22 hours for my history exam (yes I took out all the breaks from this calculation!), I surprise myself :D Anyway, it's really nice to finally relax. We went to the gym and swimming so I didn't wear any make up. My outfit: shorts from Bik Bok, top from Bik Bok too (it's my sister's actually) and my new wonderful mint blazer from Chicwish (direct link!). The color is more vibrant in real life, the lightning kind of ruined it :/ 


Thanks for being so patient! My two first orals are done and I've a week off. I'll post some random photos that I took recently. Will get back to normal posting ASAP! This is my new lip balm from H&M, it looks empty but it's not :D 
 Mathias, wednesday night :D 
 Benjamin and Anne-Marie
 Amalie and Marie :D 

 Marie :D 

 Jonas and Marius on friday night :D crazy baltics
 Jonas, after seeing the photo, : "Oh, I thought I drew it straight..."
 Me, friday night :P unfortunately I don't really like my face when I laugh, sorry!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Coming soon

A few days ago I ordered this necklace along a few other things which I'll show you when I get them from this shop called I've never really been a jewellery/accessories girl, but lately I've been looking a lot at these big necklaces. I think they're great when you don't know what to wear, because you can just put on a simple white shirt, some pants and the necklace will make it look like you made some effort :D I also bought a big necklace a few days ago from H&M, it was only 3 euro on sale :D

Just wanted to let you know that on Monday I have two big oral exams, so blogging will be difficult until then. But at least it's great to know that after Monday I'll be halfway done (we all have 4 orals during a 2 week course). Because of these orals I had to miss out on Rock A Field.. I keep torturing myself by listening to Chase & Status and Mumford & Sons. My life would've been complete if I saw them live! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Last night

Me and Marta had lovely dinner; each a salad and a burger from Macdonalds and two cookies each from Subway, which we got for free :D
 Beautiful Marta :) 

 Krisztina : ) 
 Everyone was watching football in Interview and Gabi shamelessly took a photo :D 
As I was walking home, I saw a hedgehog for the first time in my life! I was sooo happy, so I walked towards him very slowly and tried to take a photo.. It took me ages to get a nice shot. It was as if he waited for me to get a shot I'm happy with and then ran off! Aww ♥

Drop down dress

 Sorry for the tired face expressions! Had a pretty boring day. My newest look: dress from Romwe (click), hand cuff from Bik Bok. I might wear this on Duke's night on Friday (it's the birthday of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg > big big street party!)