Friday, August 31, 2012

Yesterday's outfit

All photos taken by Florian De Rosnay

Shoes - Converse
Bag - 

Thursday, August 30, 2012


On my way to a shoot soon with my friend Florian, who has already taken many photos of me. Then I'm gonna meet my friends in the evening. Have a great day! 


When I got back to Luxembourg I received a lot of new stuff, always exciting! Some sponsored clothes which I can't wait to show you, and prizes from giveways; one from Steffi's blog, and galaxy leggings from a Romwe giveaway. I become like a little kid when I get too much stuff at once, haha.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Marshmallows love us

Yesterday Gabi came over after I did a grocery shopping and we spent the night watching America's Next Top Model and eating marshmellows. Today we will continue stuffing ourselves with food, watching movies and will probably go out in the evening. Have a nice day! ♥

New in: AX PARIS

I'm wearing:

AX Paris Jacket (link)
H&M basic skirt and top 
Primark heels

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Finally after fighting with the internet, I got it to work! I started this post on my phone, but now I can finish on my laptop, nice :D I arrived to Luxembourg yesterday afternoon, but I was simply too busy to blog, apologies for that! When I got home, I spent ages opening up the house after this month of absence (turning on water heater, electricity, arranging the plants, turning on the house phone and so on), then I went shopping for some food (pizzas, pasta, rasberries, smoothies, mini tomatoes, bacon, yummy :D). In the evening I went out but already came home at 2 because I felt sick and tired :( My immune system is very weak and even though I drink like 5 pills a day to stabilize it, I still seem to get sick after every little wind that comes my way, so  today I'll just take it easy. Spent ages tidying and cleaning the house and now I'll just eat, relax, watch movies and whatever :D

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hey! Yesterday was a full day and I only got home today feeling very tired. I started the day at an aquapark with my siblings where it was quite fun. In the evening I went to an old classmate's house, he was hosting a reunion party (me and my primary school friends in Latvia are still friends, most of them meet all the time). It was really fun, in a different way than Luxembourg :D There wasn't much drinking, it was more board games, remembering memories, the naughty things we did to the teachers, looking at all the notes the teachers wrote in the hosts school agendas (example: Today he was hitting Marta with a ruler), it was so funny! I went to sleep suuuuper late, and when I woke up I had to take some kind of bus to town, cause I had scheduled a pedicure in a salon before I knew about the party. After the pedicure I speedwalked for around 50 minutes to catch my bus (yes, Riga is a massive city). I was super exhausted and it seemed I got way too many stares along the way. I guess the people here are not used to a combination of a white bralet + drop down skirt. The looks on their faces were quite funny; everywhere between confused ("is her skirt broken?") to an interested stare that lasted one second too long.
Right now I'm just editing photos from last night, eating my first real meal of the day and about to watch True Blood. Tomorrow is my last day here so I should start packing stuff soon too. That's about it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Family trip

Yesterday, as I mentioned earlier, me and my family went on a day long family trip to visit some historical places in Latvia. I'm gonna take you through the photos and explain a little bit on the way. We went to the area in the first photo, it was a series of castle remains and there were lots of interesting places in those remains, you could also see the old fighting objects, also the armour. Then there was a good view towards the castle of Turaida (in this photo). It was very far though, so I had to crop the photo quite a lot. We then went to a sand art gallery. This artist collects sand from different countries/continents as a hobby, he also colors sand and creates paintings with it. This was a table covered with sand and lots of instruments, everyone was free to draw on it using the different instruments to get the experience of drawing with sand. Obviously my brother was glued to this for at least 15 minutes straight. We then went to some quite old caves. They were very big (for Latvia) and the rock is quite soft (obviously not squishy, but compared to other types of rock) so during the years people have scribbled stuff in the cave.  As you can see, some of the writings are quite old. This one dates back to 1836, almost 200 years old! Some writings are at the very top of the cave which makes us wonder how they got there, haha.  We then went to kind of a nature park with old houses where you could see how the latvians (and different indigenous minorities that lived in Latvia) used to live a loooong time ago. This is just a random photo I took at the entrance of this place. There were lots houses, each for a different use; bathing house, fish house, etc.. The nature was so nice there! Couldn't help but take a photo of the trees, they fascinated me because everywhere I see trees, the grass/ground around it is messy and bushy but here they took good care of it and it looks so nice, haha. It's these little things that excite me sometimes! Some Livonian (one of the minorities that used to live in Latvia - their language was sort of a mix of Estonian/Finnish) jewellery and coins. We finished our visit at the castle of Turaida, the one you could see from very far in one of the first few pictures. It's 800 years old remains, it was quite interesting but at this point my brother was so tired from the trip that I took him to the car with me :D.

Yesterday's outfit

This is what I wore yesterday when I went with my family on a little trip to a latvian city called Sigulda.
 We went to see loaaaads of things, including the caves in the background and the castle of Turaida which is 800 years old. Quite cool!

This is what I wore:
Jeans - Dr Denim
Flats - H&M