Sunday, September 30, 2012

Feel the love

Today's look: Primark collar (new), H&M cardigan which I got from Maria :D and white shirt. It was 18 degrees today here in the UK, so I dressed a little more "summery" - notice my sarcasm.
Tomorrow my courses officially start and my timetable is pretty decent so I might try to find a job soon. As for now, I'll make some dinner and maybe watch a movie. It's the last night of fresher's week, but honestly after going out and partying every night during the week, I'm so tired during the weekend. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Last night

This is what I wore to Netsky last night! Pictures are by Sara, who was getting ready in my room :) It was quite a good show (Netsky) but there were too many people so I was kind of suffocating and ended up going home early.
I wore my Topshop top, Chicwish skirt and one of my favorite Zara heels! And then, of course, the other accessories like bag etc.
I'm now off to the Fresher's Fayre, will check out some clubs and societies so I'm very excited! Have a nice day ♥

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Last night's dinner

On my birthday I got this lovely thing on my door, as well as a letter under the door from another flatmate and one of my chinese friends gave me some souvenirs from China :) So sweet!
This is something that the chinese called.. muaar.. or something :P it's like a vegetable which you put in a bowl and then pour hot water on top and they get bigger. The original size is tiny. You eat them with soya sauce, which tastes so good!
Last night my chinese flatmates made dinner for us, they made noodles from scratch and also gave some soup with seaweed, it was all sooooo delicious :D
I randomly took a photo of one of our fridges. As you can see, we are pretty healthy people :D 

Me and Miranda :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some days ago

Before my dad left, we walked around the town, looking for banks, phone shops and also walked into Office (my new favorite shoe shop, haha!). Wearing my new boots from Oasap (link).

My friend Rebeka got me this wine red lipstick for my birthday, I love it! ♥

Wore it yesterday night (sorry for creepy photo!)


Hey! As I said yesterday, me and my friends went to town to eat sushi for dinner, shopped a bit at Primark too. During the night we went to a local nightclub called Casino, it's not in the campus but rather the town. It was quite fun! However I was really surprised by the english girls, at least half of them were half naked, their dresses so short that you could see their underwear and their boobs hanging out. Gross! Also, it's normal here to go out clubbing without a coat or scarf, even when it's freezing, girls go out in a little dress, no tights and heels. So weird :P
Anyway, today I had some induction lectures which were quite funny (heard of UniSmart?), then I went to Tesco with some friends for grocery shopping. Tonight Rudimental is playing at one of the campus nightclubs so that's where the party will be at. Listen to the song above, I'm sure you've heard it!

By the way, last night some UK rapper called Wiley was meant to play at one of our clubs and everyone was so excited, but he came super late (at 1:50) and played for 10 minutes. The crowd booed him and since then he's been writing really bad things, with bad grammar, about our university on his twitter account, it's really ridiculous I think. Have a look: I'm glad me and my friends decided to hit the town instead!  

Monday, September 24, 2012

It's my 19th birthday!!!!

Hey guys! It's my birthday today! I celebrated with my friends last night until late and we will celebrate again today. First I will have some introductory lectures though, so we will all soon meet for breakfast and go. I might also go to town to check out the local Primark with Sara, and in the evening we have a birthday sushi dinner planned, before pre-drinks and party! I feel good and happy, however I wish the weather was better. Gotta get used to waking up to a dark and pouring day.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Recent photos

 Rebeka at my warm-up :)

 Arriving to the UK

Wearing my new Oasap boots
 Driving on the wrong side of the road!!! 
First we played drinking games on the bottom floor with lots of people, then we went out but I suggested to go back, so we went to our kitchen instead and chilled :)
Me and Sara :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hey! So sorry for the bad update during the last days. I'm really busy every day, always got lots of plans and I need to pack too, because I'm moving to the UK on Saturday. Kinda hard to pack all my life into suitcases and boxes, hah. I still have 2 nights left in Luxembourg. Or maybe 1 and a half, considering that tomorrow I'll probably party til the morning and then also depart in the morning :P I will also host a mini warm-up at my place for a few friends to celebrate my upcoming birthday and also the fact that I'm leaving. Somehow I haven't really realized that I'm moving away. Kind of a big step to go and live all alone without my family in a country that I've never visited before (that trip at the age of 9 doesn't count!). Luckily I will have 11 other flatmates with who I'll share the kitchen (everyone will have their own bedroom and bathroom, though!) so I will probably never be alone. I really hope they won't steal my food and my pink cups and pretty plates and bowls (I think I'm getting addicted to house accessory shopping!) Also my good friend Kaori will be there in the same uni and will show me around and help me with some stuff. We will start our own society and also a campus street style page.

At the moment things are so stressful that I can't promise a good update in the next few days (I'll try, of course!), but who knows, maybe my next post is from the UK. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New in

I already got my first birthday gift today, even though my birthday is only next Monday. Couldn't be happier. The spikes are really sharp though. Better watch out ;)

Monday, September 17, 2012


I forgot to show you my goodiebag from the Belle Sauvage fashion show. It was quite nice! Hand cream (far right), chocolate bath drops (in the middle) and a gift card to the hairdresser, to get my hair shampooed, cut and styled (worth 35 euros). Sweet :D
Since I'm moving to the UK this Saturday, I'm actively looking through my stuff and there is a lot I don't need. Today I looked through my jeans and decided to sell these 3 pairs. If you're interested in any and live in Luxembourg, e-mail me :) In order from first: Dr Denim, size M. Pieces, size 34. Dr Denim, size S. They may be different sizes, but all seem to fit the same, somehow.
Today I had a great lunch with my friend Agnija. It was great to catch up - after all, we were best friends many years ago and did a lot of crazy stuff together. Love her hair!

Today's outfit

My outfit was very simple today, because as soon as I woke up, a friend texted me that we should go for lunch, and since during the holidays I wake up at..well..lunch, I only had 30 minutes to get ready (including shower, but I managed! I wore H&M top and flats, Dr Denim jeans, Mango belt, Oasap bag.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Belle Sauvage fashion show

Last night me and Frederik went to the Belle Sauvage fashion show, which was a part of the birthday of Clausen (Clausen in Luxembourg is the big party place with all the clubs and bars!) Belle Sauvage is a brand that even Lady Gaga wears (when you see the next few pictures, you will know why).
All the models had these super high stripper kind of boots that obviously gave them difficulties to walk in, very long hair extensions and black but simple make-up. I really loved it!
Since it was a Mercedes Benz event, there was a car between the different parts of the catwalk, and when the sprakly DJ took off the cape, there was a loud united gasp in the room!
 My outfit last night

Fred, as always, looked classy and stylish. Love his style :)

I'll show you the goodie bag later, and I will also tell you guys about how I rescued an animal on my way home :) Stay tuned!