Monday, January 28, 2013

Embellished collar shirt

Today I wanted to show you some new items that I've ordered recently, however due to various reasons (mostly my lack of editing skills, or ability to find the nicest photos) I could only post this shirt, courtesy of Chicwish. I'm completely in love with the sheer material and the accents around the collar, and I already have plenty of ideas on how to wear it, so I think I might make a "ways to wear" post soon after getting this ((remember my post about the ways to wear a playsuit, like 3 years ago (if you want a good laugh, click on the post link and have a look, haha)? probably my most loyal readers do, well I thought I should do something like that again soon :))). The other things I can't really show you on my blog, but I can tell you about them. I was lucky enough to choose some items again from Sheinside, so I chose this wine red coat, which kind of reminds me of the very popular Zara coats, except in a bolder color, love it. The last and most awesome thing which I wanted to tell you about is the new lens I ordered today! I've been saving for a 50mm lens for some time so today I decided to order it. I got it from Amazon and obviously couldn't resist the next day delivery, so look out for some (hopefully) improved photos soon on the blog! ♥

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