Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friday night

This is what I looked like last night! I decided that I should, for once, go for the silver jewelry, so I wore the hand cuff and these earrings, which, very surprisingly, I don't remember where I got from... The dress is new, it's from Missguided. Love it! Last night was such an amazing night, I think I haven't had that much fun in ages. Might be the fact that I drank a whole wine bottle at predrinks..haha. I was surprised that I didn't have a hangover this morning, must be an eastern european thing :D. One of the guys from Pendulum was DJing last night and he played some sick music. I am always complaining about the club music, it's the most important thing for me, in order to have fun. This morning I woke up early with a nice sunshine, so my mood is even better :D! I'm off to London now, see you later, lovely readers ♥


  1. Lovely readers? Lovely blogger, I should say :)