Monday, January 21, 2013

Make up & hair essentials

It's been a long while since I've done a post that is in any way related to beauty products and hair care. The reason for that is that I am not very enthusiastic about all this, I'm not the kind of girl that will spend all her money on make-up. I also tend to stick with some favorites for years at a time, simply because I don't know which other products to test. Anyway, since I've moved to the UK, I think my interest in beauty related stuff may have increased just slightly, so I thought I would show you the things I use each day, the things I couldn't really live without. First of all, the first photo summarizes ALL my hair care products. My routine is pretty simple - I use shampoo only 2-3 times per week and only in my roots. For the rest of the hair I use one of the two conditioners on both sides of the photo. I prefer silicone free hair conditioners, such as the L'Oreal Elvive one. The VO5 conditioner is good too, but it does have silicone in it, so I use it less often. The point of having 2 different conditioners is to make sure my hair doesn't get used to them. The red hair spray is another favorite of mine, which I've literally been using for 6 years now. It's more pricy than some other hairsprays, but the smell is just divine. It does have a lot of damaging ingredients in it, though, so I only use it once during two weeks, normally for a night out. The second part of my hair routine is hair serum or oil, which I really couldn't live without. I usually massage it in the ends of my hair while it is still slightly wet after the shower, and it makes it so much better. The middle one  from Pantene is okay, however, the Argan Oil which I got from Primark for, I think, 2,50£ is an absolute favorite of mine! Next time I'll buy like 5 of them, haha. The VO5 heat defence cream is something I only ever use when I straighten or curl my hair. It's quite nice and seems to work with my hair well. Put a bit too much on, and it'll feel greasy, so watch out. When it comes to my facial skin, I try to keep it simple. I usually put on some of the liquid foundation or the mousse foundation from Maybelline under my eyes. I don't use them both at a time, I think I couldn't decide which one to buy so I got both and use them according to my mood. I use the Maybelline bronzer every now and then (when I have limited time, I tend to forget it, which is pretty much every day), and then I use the blotting tissues instead of a powder, because I don't like the heavy feeling of make up on my face, and I don't have too much face shine so the tissues work well. It's maybe not a long term solution, I'm currently just experimenting with it. The pink brush is the one I use for my bronzer and the purple one is for eyeshadow and eyeliner (it has two sides). I use Maybelline gel eyeliner (seems like everything is from Maybelline - I am clearly still using the same products as I did when I was 13!) and the mascara is the one I got from the Motel event. I use many other mascaras too (my favorite ones come from Clinique, Urban Decay and ......Maybelline, oops), however right now I'm trying this one out. I tend to go for the brown mascaras every now and then, they do look almost the same as the black ones though. I remember using a Clinique mascara some years ago and it took me months until I realized I'd been using a brown one all that time! These are my face products, basically I'm currently trying out a couple of things from Yes to Carrots, and they are very soothing and gentle, which I like. The middle product is an oil which you put on your face and it removes make up quite efficiently. I received it at the Dahlia event, I think, and I'm also currently testing it but I do like it and it has become a part of my every day routine, well..for the past few days, at least. The Nivea tonic speaks for itself, I guess. Nothing much to say about that.

Seeing as I am definitely not a make up junkie, I don't really have too many products to show you, but I hope you enjoyed the post! Have you got any make-up tips or any suggestions of brands I could try out?


  1. Ooooo you have some amazing products there! Such a lovely post. I love seeing what other people use :)

  2. As I'm a beauty blogger I could literally give you endless suggestions of products! One that I'd really recommend would be the Collection lasting perfection concealer (I go for the lightest shade so it can be used under your eyes as well as to cover blemishes). I'd also recommend the MUA Professional eye primer to keep your eyeshadow in place all day and prevent creasing. Finally I'd go for one of the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks, as there's a great range in both creamy-velvet/satin and matte formulas :) I could of course recommend you lots of high end products like MAC lipsticks, NARS blushes/eyeshadow duos and Origins skincare but if you're only just getting into make up then it's best to find your favourite shades and formulas before splurging on high end - and of course there are loads of great alternatives on the high street! Hope this helps!
    Rebecca-Louise -

  3. I use the same hairspray :D but true it does damages hair.. Need to stop :( good thing u showed some products for damaged hair :) thankss!

  4. how much do you weight now ? :)