Thursday, January 24, 2013

Royal blue/gold mix

Heyhey. This sweater/shirt combination was an accident, which I actually fell in love with! I think it really makes my blue sweater stand out, as it's quite plain otherwise. The reason that the third image has  a completely different color than the other ones is that I have an eye infection (kind of something I get every 2 weeks lately, it seems, ugh) and I'm basically only using one eye at the moment, as the other one is too sensitive to light, so I edited it differently without even noticing, haha. Today me and my next year housemates had some houses booked to view - we didn't like them much so we will continue tomorrow (with or without me, depending on the condition of my eyes :/). It's quite exciting, this whole house viewing process, makes me feel like a proper adult!
I've finished all my exams more than a week ago and did my last assignment - a presentation - on Monday so I've been free for a long time now. Feels like I've been free all the time since I arrived back in UK 3 weeks ago, even though I spent many whole days in the library. Tomorrow I will FINALLY go out again! I'm so excited to party after all this time. My eyes better not ruin it :P I better be off now, hoping to catch some good sleep and feel better in the morning, because I'm really excited for tomorrow's house as it's something special. ♥


  1. I didnt even notice the lightning edith until you said it :D

  2. That is a lovely sweater! I'm loving royal blue at the moment (though it's the one colour jumper I don't have) and it looks especially lovely with the gold collar:) I'm sorry to hear about your eye, do you wear contact lenses? If you do, it might be related to that cause my sister gets eye infections pretty often due to her lenses. I hope you have eye drops or something to make it better :) xx

  3. Thanks all!

    Nats - yes it is cause of my contact lenses. I get it pretty often, even though I take proper care :/

    1. Aw that's horrible, you poor thing :( if you aren't already taking something against it, maybe pop down to boots and check out their eye drops?
      Also, if you have monthly lenses, try switching to dailies. I used to have monthlies but found it impossible to keep them really clean (there would always be something on the lens and it would drive me insane!) and then when I went to India for two weeks, I decided to take dailies instead of monthlies and I think dailies might help prevent infections as you just throw them away:)

  4. it's so amaizing that you are bloging so regulary, I LOVE YOUR ALL OUTFITS <33