Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sugar, spice and everything nice

Hey! I'm finally back in the UK, I actually arrived late yesterday night, but I was way too tired to do anything. It's so great to be back! Meanwhile, I wanted to show you some last minute sale shopping I did in Luxembourg when I met Amalie and Gabi for sushi breakfast on Monday morning. The pink necklace is something I'd been eyeing for literally months, but paying 15£ for a plastic necklace wasn't really something I wanted to do, however H&M finally had a deal where I could buy one, get one free, so I took the opportunity to purchase the pink necklace AND the other one which I've been thinking of getting too. I think they will look lovely with a white shirt! The Sephora eyeshadow was on sale for 3 euro, and I bought it with the aim to replace my golden shade from Urban Decay which is a many year long favorite of mine. Unfortunately this eyeshadow doesn't even come close to the Urban Decay one I had, quite annoying.


  1. Nice post, your blog is lovely!


  2. I didn't know you could actually have sushi for brekky in restaurants! Haha.
    Love your blog!

    Eva xo

  3. Cutest necklaces :)!

  4. for some reason, i cant ask you questions on formspring without having an account. anyway, i think this looks like you :) Found it on Tumblr.