Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sushi night

Last night we made lots of sushi at home. I'm a huge sushi lover, I eat it every chance I get, so I got really excited and took lots of photos. Yesterday when my dad went grocery shopping I also begged him to get some lasagne, and he actually did, which was surprising, because we never have such unhealthy food in the house, EVER. Basically, everything has to be organic, low fat, no ready-made stuff, no meat, etc. Usually all the unhealthy food is hiding somewhere in my room, haha. So today I'll carry on with my business report on The Body Shop, studying for my exams too, packing for the UK and have my lasagne *excitement* !

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  1. In my house we do exactly the same. We also prefer biologic fruits and vegetables, we make sometimes sushi at home and never ever unhealthy and pre-cooked meals.

  2. You look so cute and funny in the 3rd photo <3 :D

  3. do you color your eyebrows?