Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Unseen footage" part 2

Yet another day spent writing assignments and stuff. I'm so tired of it, and simply can't wait for the exam week to be over sooner (it starts in a bit more than a week), because then life will be so relaxing! For now, I'll show some more photos that haven't been published here before. The first photo is from the Christmas dinner my flat organized. Motel Rocks blogger showcase, I'm getting my make up done with myface cosmetics - I was very interested in the eyeshadow they used on me! Every Friday the nightclub at my university has the flirt night, I'm not quite sure what it signifies really, I just know that all the images have the flirt logo, haha. This was like 2 months ago when I went out with May and her chinese friends (image below), interesting night indeed, they were quite crazy! Here I was simply having dinner with the girls from my floor. As you can see, I had pasta like always (my plate is on he left side in the picture) and they all had nice, healthy food. This was at the Made in Luxe magazine event where me and Krisztina worked sometime in September. I had to wear a red halterneck dress with a bare back and my hair was made in quite an "interesting" way.
This was in the summer when I met up with Elizabete and Kristians, in this photo we're at a latvian shop called Stenders. They sell all kinds of nice soaps and stuff for the body. It was quite funny, because I was talking to the lady at the till and my friends just kept taking photos meanwhile.

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  1. You look really pretty in the first photo! Actually not like yourself, at first I needed to think is it really you.:D

    I think that you should make these photobomb posts more often! :)