Tuesday, February 12, 2013

25 Facts About Me

1. When I was small, I always thought about "My little pony" toys before sleeping, in the hope that I would dream about them at night.

2. Me and my friend Agnija used to have secret words for everything and everyone so we could actually talk about people with them being right next to us.

3. Even until the very last day before coming to the UK, I was still not sure about my decision to come here. Mostly I was scared that I wouldn't handle living alone and all the responsibilities!

4. I used to be a crazy little rocker girl when I was in the early teenage years, and while that phase is over, I'm still a metal girl at heart, haha.

5. I had a job interview at Hollister a few months back and the girl told me the requirements they need for workers, such as no nailpolish on nails, only converse shoes, no eyeliner etc. I was wearing a LOT of eyeliner that day. *still unemployed*

6. Whenever I go to ZARA home I feel so happy to be surrounded by all the pretty interior accessories, but I never end up buying anything, because there is just too much stuff to choose from.

7. I once threw a Harry Potter book at my friend's face in class and her nose started bleeding, then my teacher started shouting at me and called me an idiot. Actually my friend told me to throw the book at her, she failed to catch it but I was too scared to say that :DD

8. I don't use a lot of make-up, and the amount varies from the day or the occasion, but I can almost never go without mascara, because the ends of my eyelashes are completely blond, so without mascara they look short :(

9. My favorite domino's pizza topping EVER is smoked bacon rashers and baby slush tomatoes. That's it. Oh, and make it thin crust. PERFECTION.

10. I absolutely hate throwing out shampoo/conditioner/toothpaste etc. tubes when they're not fully used, therefore I even go as far as cutting them open just to get out everything that's in the packet.

11. Next year I will live in a house with 1 girl and 3 guys, all super lovely people. It will unfortunately be a 25 minute walk from the university, so I'll get a bike or take the bus (at the moment I live on campus, so everything is up to a 10 minute walk).

12. I love my own humour and sometimes I think I'm so funny that I can crack myself up even when I'm alone. When I'm a bit tipsy, I usually think I'm an absolute genius.

13. I have currently 6 piercings (4 left ear, 1 right ear, belly button) and 3 of them I've done myself. I used to have an extra one in each ear but closed them due to infection, and I also once experimentally pierced myself a monroe at home just to see how it would look and took a photo to show off to my friends. *so cool!* Interested? Click here.

14. I have a crazy fear of heights, but only when I'm directly exposed to them. For example, flying in an aeroplane is okay, as long as I'm asleep, but walking somewhere very high or being at the edge of a cliff could paralyze me from fear!

15. I hate ugly feet. Especially on girls! I've met a lot of girls that are super pretty, they take very good care of their hair, nails, make-up and choice of clothing, but completely neglect the feet. I don't get the logic :(

16. I go to Yo! Sushi so often that the staff recognize me when they see me out during the nights in town *so proud*

17. When I was 5 years old, I loved lighting candles with matches so much until one day I caught my hair on fire while leaning over the kitchen table, since then I had an unspeakable fear of matches and fire which only went away a couple of years ago when I had to use matches again in science class.

18. One of my biggest dreams is to meet a crazy psycho mass murderer and talk to him (while he's in prison behind bars, preferably). I've done a lot of research on murderers and read countless interviews, watched many documentaries. It fascinates me for some reason, while at the same time I hope for a cruelty free world every single day.

19. I've never ever taken a blood test. For real.

20. Whenever I buy a pack of colored candy I always eat the red, the purple, the black (if it's a berry flavor), and the green ones, leaving the orange and yellow behind.

21. One trend I'll never try is...nevermind, there is none! I always say to myself that I will never try this new trend, because it looks so weird and stupid. But after a while, I see it so much in the society that I get used to it and sometimes even end up liking it. Happened to me with Jeffree Campbells (I thought they were clown shoes when I first saw them!), sneaker wedges, military jackets, boyfriend jeans and many more.

22. When I was in high school my dad used to give me 10 euros every time I got 100% in an exam or a project, so whenever I was broke I studied extra hard :DD

23. I cried on every single birthday of mine from the age of 14 to 19.

24. Whenever I come home from the outside, I don't feel quite at home yet until the moment I've washed my hands, and every minute that passes after coming home without washing my hands makes me feel more and more uneasy.

25. A few summers ago when I was in Latvia, somehow ants had managed their way into our house because it was so hot and one day I went to town leaving an open pack of orange juice on the kitchen counter. When I got back, I was so thirsty that I just HAD to have the juice. The next thing I know - my mouth was full of ants!

Hope you liked the post! Let me know if any of these facts are in any way relevant to you, would be really interesting to hear! ♥



  2. superīgs raksts, tik interesanti lasīt! :33

  3. Loved reading your blog amazing facts so interesting and love your sky blue cross jumper in the last post amazing style love it !! xx


  4. what i love about your blog is the little funny details you give about your life. I started following you from lookbook, originally for your outfit posts, but what kept me reading are these life ''injections''. They are what differentiate a blog from a magazine shoot in my opinion!
    Havent you ever wondered what is your blood type?! :p

  5. haha you made me laugh so much!! really unique facts,neither fake nor boring! good job

  6. ooh thank you so much for this post. Im happy to get to know you a little bit better (: Thank you, awesome post (:

  7. i love these kinda articles :D always interesting knowing a little bit about the blogger!

  8. Love that post!!

  9. Really liked this post! Definitely a good refresher. :) I think every blogger should do post like this one.

    nr. 24- I do the same thing ;)
    And nr. 18 is really extraordinary, but I have thought about it too. :D