Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mini shopping

When I went to London a few days ago, I mentioned in my last post that I did some shopping. While the buys are not in any way super interesting and eye-catching, I thought I should still show them here, because I'm super happy with the purchases as I've been in the need of both! Make up store is a swedish brand which I first found from reading Shelley Mulshine's blog, and ever since then I've been curious to try some product out. While we visited one of my favorite London shopping areas, Carnaby street, I couldn't just walk past the shop this time! I've been thinking of buying a translucent powder for some time, and as soon as I found out that on Valentine's day they had a 20% discount, I knew I had to take this powder for just 16£! The photo is slightly edited, in real life the color is actually kind of white/beige. So far, so good! My other purchase are these jeans from Miss Selfridge. I originally went to the Cheap Monday store to buy some blue jeans (been wanting some for ages), but I was slightly disappointed with the sizing and the jeans on offer. All 5 pairs that I tried (some labelled narrow, some labelled tight) were not the skinny fit I was looking for. I like my jeans to be like a second skin, but I'm tired of Dr Denim as they're not really jeans, so I wanted something more "real". It was a great feeling when I later found these jeans at Miss Selfridge, they fit me so well and look very nice, especially now that I've been wearing only black jeans for months. So boring! 


  1. thank you so much for all the suggestions, i will for sure use a couple of them! :)