Friday, February 1, 2013

The perfect belt

Today I went house viewing again with my friends, and after that I quickly went to some shops to pick up a few necessary things, such as an umbrella, tights, etc. However I did sneak into Mango and I found this amazing double buckle high waist belt! I've been looking for a similar belt for quite a while, especially after getting my Missguided dress, because it was just missing something.

By the way, awesome news: we found our house today!!! Next week we will hopefully sign contracts, pay deposits, and then the house will be OURS! Well, next year anyway..


  1. who will you share your house with? sorry for asking it here but you disabled your fs:(

  2. Anon - I disabled my formspring because it was finally time, as it had become boring and pretty much non-existent. I'll share my house with a girl from my course and 3 guys! They're all super sweet and fun people :)

  3. just for next year!? Wow, so things are like this in London? hahaha
    wish you the best!


  4. I have no clue really how things are in London! but thanks :)