Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two for Tuesday

Don't ask me what I was doing in these photos. I got very bored and decided to take some pictures using the self-timer, and you're lucky you're only seeing these ones as some of the other were just too retarded to upload anywhere, haha. I actually literally took them like 10 minutes ago. Anyway I'm quite happy, because Monday and Tuesday are my most difficult days and now I'm done with them! These days make me feel so lazy and tired :( I sometimes don't even wash my hair (like today, oops) and just have my lazy make-up on like in the pics (mascara and mousse foundation). Tomorrow is my usual day off, however I'll be meeting some people in town to discuss an upcoming assignment. We need to choose a store, such as Topshop, Lush, etc. and make a presentation analyzing its layout. Ugh..
Recently I've been eating much healthier and drinking a lot more water before, and even exercising pretty much every day, and I can already say that I feel a lot better. Today I'm meant to go for a run while waiting for my laundry, and later I'm hoping to convince my friends to have Domino's pizza with me because it's Two for Tuesday, yay! (I do deserve some unhealthy treats after all this healthy business, right?) ♥


  1. You are so beautiful- eyes are stunning :)Compliments the royal blue knitwear that you've got on so so well.

    Ruth x


  2. you're so beautiful!


  3. You look great my dear!

    Great pictures !



  4. love those snap shots! I'm obsessed with your cobalt blue sweater!!

    Hope you have an awesome day!

    xoxo M*

    PS: it would mean a lot if you'd check out my blog and say hi :)


  5. Love your new blog style :D Change is good!

  6. I love your makeup, so pretty and natural. Love your nail colour too!