Friday, March 15, 2013


I know, I know, I'm the world's best blogger for announcing a comeback and then again neglecting my blog for 2 days. I was being super lazy/sick/tired, whatever, even my room is a huge mess. Yesterday I had a very busy day! First I had accounting lessons, then I went to town with my friend Rosie for some retail therapy (I didn't buy anything though - student life haha) and then we decided to shoot some photos. I wore a super simple outfit, the black sweater and black jeans are my go-to formula when I have no idea what to wear. Then I change it around with the help of different shoes, jackets, bags and stuff. I have some other go-to outfits, such as black bodycon dress with chunky boots. Basically any all-black outfit. What's your go-to outfit? Me and Rosie tried to do some hair photos. I got a lot of great snaps of her, however, as you may notice, I, myself, could not master the art of...throwing my hair back? All my photos came out like this or with a really awkward face :( Anyway, after town I hurried home, had some food and got ready because I took part in the winter sports society barcrawl which is famous for being absolutely crazy. And crazy it was! Hello, recovery day.


  1. Looove your bag :)

  2. Perfect outfit Kristiāna , loti patik melna krāsa , manuprat melns vienmer izcelas vairak ka jebkura cita krāsa ..izskaties satriecosi..