Sunday, April 14, 2013

Better days

Yes, I do complain about fashion bloggers only writing about the weather, and yes, I indeed do the same #sorrynotsorry. Today the weather was perfect, and it actually feels like summer! Just a week ago it snowed on a night out, and now it's over 20 degrees, yay! The next week will be my last week in Luxembourg, and I need to run quite a few errands before always gets stressful during the last week! I'm also studying for accounting every day now, quite annoying to have to do it in this awesome weather!
As you can see, I've still got the velvet skirt, and no I haven't changed it yet, I actually managed to secure it with the belt for this post. Without the belt it is pretty tragic, I don't even know how they could be so big when they are such a normal size, so I definitely have to change them tomorrow, I'm just hoping I will find a size that fits me, because they are just oh-so-perfect. The above knuckle ring is one of the gifts I got in my AX Paris goodie bag and I'm super glad that I did, because it fits so well and feels very simple and delicate. It comes from a brand called Bohemian Collective and you can buy it here for 12 pounds.

Outfit details

Skirt - H&M
Belt - c/o Chicwish
Heels - Unknown (sister's :))
Ring - c/o Bohemian Collective
Top - Primark
Sunglasses - c/o Romwe

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  1. you can be excused for talking about the weather, if it was as nice as it was here then i understand! haha
    but i love the detail on your belt, looks perfect with that velvet skirt! x

  2. i love the outfit so much!! especially the shirt: perfect match for everything!

  3. Tell me about it! All I did for a few days was complain about the weather, now I made a promise not to do it anymore this month (maybe).

    What a cute outfit! Love the henna design :)

  4. Such a gorgeous outfit! I love the skirt, and the detailing on the top. The way you've accessorised is cute too, it's simplistick with the ring, belt and sunnies, but it looks great :) xx

  5. Gorgeous outfit! I love the skirt, and the detailing on your shirt :) plus, the way you've accessorised it pretty. It's simplistic with the ring, belt and sunnies, yet it looks so great xx

  6. Lovely outfit on a sunny day - at lastttt the weather is warmer :)


  7. Hi! I know you don't like to be asked questions on here but I was wondering. You live on campus,right? Do you have your own bathroom (toilet and shower)? Do you think it's worth paying for? I'm trying to choose what type of accomodation I want for next year and I don't know whether to choose a catered accomodation (breakfast and dinner are provided) or my own bathroom. I'm so indecisive... Thank you!

    1. Hey! I disabled my formspring and enabled a reply tool here in the comments, so I don't mind at all! :) Yeah, my room is en-suite, and it's not that much more expensive, to be honest. It's quite worth it, you don't need to wait for the shower or toilet and you can keep it clean, while others would make it dirty maybe! Don't choose catering, I mean i've heard they don't have a good choice in the first place, but anyway you are moving away from your parents, starting an independent life, so why not learn to cook? you'll need to do that anyway once you move out of the uni. trust me, en-suite room is the answer.