Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dark Lace

Photos are by Tina

Hey guys, I got back to the UK yesterday and felt way too tired to blog. It was VERY strange to be back on campus and the halls after a month long holiday. I have some assignments coming up, so it will be a bit stressful, but I will not worry about that today! Today I'll run some errands (grocery shopping, bank, phone stuff...) and hopefully get my outfit photos taken as the weather is nice and sunny. By the way, how do you like the photos above? This was actually one of the outfits of my photoshoot but I asked Tina to take some special blog photos of me in this outfit. I love the way she did my hair! :)

Have a nice day, and I'll hopefully get back to regular update soon ♥


  1. Love the lace tee :) I just got once like this recently with a scallop edge from River Island but then again I love anything with lace its very pretty, great outfit x

  2. you are a beautiful girl <3 love ur outfit :)

  3. you're so pretty, wish i'd look like you:(

  4. Super bildes, Kristiān! ļoti, ļoti labi izskaties! :)

  5. What a nice outfit! And I really like your hairstyle!


  6. looking good!! black looks nice on you! you dont make it look emo or anything

  7. love the wing eyeliner and the deep red lip. it compliments the outfit so well! just followed you on bloglovin! xx Rena
    Kiss and Make Up