Monday, April 8, 2013

London Wishlist

London wishlist!
Tomorrow me and Kaori are flying to London and staying there for a couple of days. Seems a bit strange to fly there from Luxembourg during our holidays when we actually only live like half an hour train ride away (while staying at Uni), but we have a lot of exciting plans ahead of us, yay! I even made a wishlist of things I'd love to get, I'm most excited about the Miss Selfridge heels on far right. If only they will fit me well! The studded phone clutch is actually a big necessity for me, because during the last months I've fallen so deeply in love with my almost identical Topshop studded WALLET that I actually use it as a clutch bag when I go out, so it's quite worn and baggy from keeping my phone in it all the time, haha. I have a never-ending love for black A-Line skirt, but I already have so many, that this time I'm planning to buy culottes like the ones above. It would definitely make nights out easier and will be a great addition to my day-to-day wardrobe. Lately I've been buying very simple clothing, whereas before I would always try to find special items that kind of speak for themselves. Perhaps that's why I'm so into accessories now, which is a big surprise to me, because I never thought about them too much before! So I'm also thinking of getting a beanie, loads of statement necklaces and new cat-eye sunglasses (my obsession with cat-eye sunnies started years ago and still hasn't ended!) Anyway, I better go sleep now. Which item do you like best?

I know you guys like it when I give you the links to the items so here you go:


  1. Bon voyage in London :D

  2. great wishlist, dear!
    love, Yulia

  3. The spiked clutch is indeed very pretty. And the shorts a nice alternative to a skirt!

    xx, Athena!

  4. Jā.. Tā cepure ir super. Vienīgais gribētu tādu spilgtākā krāsā. Topshopā laikam bija. :)

  5. to be honest, i love them all! have a nice trip to London!

  6. Saulesbrilles - thumbs up :)

    P.s please enter my giveaway :)

  7. Love the Ragged Beanie amazing! have fun in London :D x