Thursday, April 25, 2013

Special Vibes

Library is officially my new home, yep. The last few days I've been there literally from the morning til around I managed to finish off around 9PM so I actually did some fun (!!!) things for once, such as try wedding dresses with my neighbor May (don't freak out - we're talking potential photoshoots and stuff), made some actual food (a nice change from the ready-made sandwiches and bacon chips the library shop offers) and tidied my room a little.
Tomorrow I've got my accounting exam and after that I can breathe - a little! After the exam I'll be heading straight to a photoshoot with a guy that flew here from China for a few days, then I'll be going to London (Ministry of Sound club), and catching the first train back. On Monday I have to deliver a presentation for my Retail Operations module, after which I can breathe FOR REAL. Can't wait, because I've been studying sooo much the last week and it's really making an impact on my physical well-being, as well as my normal life such as the blog.

So yeah, that's pretty much it.

"Backstage" photos by Tina


  1. Love your lipstick it looks amazing against the black in your outfit :-) really want those heels too! x

  2. AWW youre so beautiful!! your kids are definitely going to be ADORABLEEEEE

  3. You look so cute! :)

  4. You look beautiful in the pictures.
    At the moment I've also made my Uni's library my second home, I'm more than 5 hours there, and it is a looong way from home!!

    xx, Athena!

  5. love this outfit!!where are your shoes from?they're gorgeous! <3

    1. Thanks! :) I got them from Zara a bit more than a year ago x