Thursday, May 16, 2013

Aztec Midi Skirt

With summer not quite making it here yet even though it's near the end of May, the will to go outside bare-legged is quite big, I must say. I'm tired of jeans, tights and leggings, bring out the skirts, shorts and dresses! Obviously freezing to death is not something nice, so for now while the wind and clouds are still here, I decided to opt for a midi skirt, which keeps me warm and cosy. I want to wear midi dresses as well, especially on nights out, however as it's not something I've worn before, I decided to start in a subtle way - with a midi skirt, and later on I will get a fab midi dress.
This is actually the outfit I wore to the library today, hence the casual shoes and tote bag (only bag big enough for my laptop, ha), but I can totally see myself wearing this skirt on a night out as soon as the opportunity comes! Photos are by my friend May.

Outfit details

Skirt - c/o Ax Paris
Bag - Modekungen
Sneakers - Converse
Sunnies - ASOS
Top - Bik Bok
Necklace - Primark 


  1. Very streetstyle chic , atgādina stockholm streetstyle . Izskaties Lieliski un converse is classic with anything ..

  2. What a great skirt. And like you mentioned, it can be worn day or night. I haven't yet ventured into the 'midi length' look yet as it out of my comfort zone (and it will probably emphasise how much of a short arse I am) but it looks fab on you


  3. Nepierasti redzēt Tevi tāda garuma svārkos, bet nu dien brīnos cik labi Tev piestāv! Good choice! :)

  4. Nice blog. Follow you!

    Please follow me :))

  5. It looks amazing with sneakers and I'm sure it will look even better with heels on. I really love your skirt and your outfit overall

  6. Super bildes, izskatās tik kvalitatīvas! :)
    Un man ļoti patīk tavs outfits, pati neesmu mēginājusi midi garuma svārkus/kleitas, bet paskatoties uz šiem svārkiem labprāt pamēģinātu! :)

  7. I would have added black high heels - it would look soo classy!!

    but since i am sneaker fan myself, I like your option as well!


  9. i don't like that midi skirt with your all star. Anyway, it is just my personal opinion