Saturday, May 11, 2013

New To The Closet

Sorry for not updating yesterday! I was in London all day and only got back late in the evening, feeling super exhausted. I did some shopping (obviously!) so I will show you a few things here in this post. If you want to see EVERYTHING I bought, I did post a picture to my Instagram, so you can check it out here. First of all, I bought these two statement necklaces. The left one is from H&M and, I swear, I've seen it SO many times in H&M, but never thought of buying it until yesterday. The Oxford Street H&M > all other H&M's, haha! The whole shop is so wonderfully laid out and it has couches and rooms that look like studios, ahh.. makes you want to buy a lot of stuff, I tell you. Anyway I am very glad I purchased it as it will definitely go with a lot of my clothes and add a nice color pop. Talking about color pop..I absolutely could not resist this crazy Primark necklace! It's so bright that it will definitely be a huge help on those days where I just don't know what to wear. The Primark in my town is not ...very nice. Whenever I go in there, it seems a bit stuffed and dirty, so I hardly ever look at the clothes there. However the one on Tottenham Court road in London is absolutely fabulous! Well, most parts of it anyway. Therefore yesterday I actually took the time to look at the clothes there and fell in love with these shorts. They are a very light material which will be great on hot days, and let's admit - they don't look very Primark, right? Last but not least, I wanted to show you this flower crown. I know, I know, I'm jumping on the bandwagon, and if that's not even bad enough, then I'm a couple of years late, haha. It was only 3£ and looked so pretty that I couldn't resist! I never even wear these head bands as they create a lot of pain in my head so I need to take them off after about 15 minutes, but I'm always keen on buying cute things as  they will look great in photoshoots!

Which of my buys did you like the best?


  1. The shorts are really, really great! Can´t wait to see you wearing them :)

  2. Love that primark necklace! I'm looking for a new statement necklace so I guess I need to take a look at primark! Great purchases x

  3. Esi nopirkusisuperīgas lietiņas! ļoti patīk tā Primark kaklarota! :)
    & piekrītu, es arī ļoti bieži nopērku dažādas lietiņas, kas ir nevajadzīgas, bet vienmēr padomāju, ka blogam & fotogrāfijām noteikti noderēs! :D

  4. Wow! that primark necklace is beautiful! I would never have thought it was from Primark :)


  5. Great purchases! I just bought a pair of shorts similar from Zara.
    Love your blog and now following xx

  6. My favourite is deffo the shorts, I can totally see you in them this summer!

    Eva xo

  7. The flower crown is just perfeeeeect

  8. Love the necklaces, can;t wait to see how you'll match them.

    xx, Athena!

  9. I think the head band will look really nice in summer. Also, the pink necklace on tan Skin...^^

  10. par ziedu vainagiem man liekas tie bus uz paliksanu un katru gadu uz pavasari vasaru drosi vares nesat, jo floral tacu asociejas ar pavasari vasaru un tas ir katru gadu mode bez parsteigumiem. Statement kaklarotas vienmer noder kaut vai dienai kad tikai Tee un dzinsi :) Labi pirkumi. Ar Primark tapat ka ar visiem veikaliem ir hit or miss, nu, ja ir vins ari letaks, bet, ja piekoptu, uzsmalcinatu un mazliet padomatu par to ko liktu plauktos tad tikpat labi tada Zara vien sanaktu. Diemzel vini visi tomer pieklibo uz kvalitati, nu, tikai viens brends degunu sev cel auksa vairak neka otrs :) Masu produkcija vien paliek :)

    xoxo Ra

  11. the shorts are just perfect

  12. kristiana , i 've got a little bit weird queston ,but whatever hihi , is english your native language, ? or not? because i read ur blog , loong long time, and u didnt live whole time in uk :DD and thats why i am asking :D cuz i am still lerning , but grammar .. -,- :DD nevermind ,love ur blog and u , hugs and kisses ! <3

    1. My native language is latvian :) Thanks a lot! x