Monday, June 3, 2013

High Brightness

Outfit details: Tank top &Bag - H&M, Blazer - c/o Chicwish, Skirt - Motel Rocks, Sneakers - Converse

Hey there! Today it was such lovely weather that I decided to wear an all-white outfit, it just seemed the perfect occasion. In the morning I finally finished my accounting exam, but tomorrow I already have my second exam which is retail operations! So jealous of all the people who have 1-2 exams whereas I have 3, I'm literally in the library all the time which is why my blog is kind of empty the last days. However surely you have all entered my AX Paris giveaway? They have amazing items and delivery will be free, so there's nothing to lose! :) Also I wanted to say thanks for all the positive comments on my food post, also to those who pointed out my mistakes, as I am always still learning.

I wore this outfit for lunch in town today, after the sun had come out and it was just plain hot. The skirt is one of my finds at the Motel sample sale, it must have cost me 5£ or something! It's a perfect fit and very "polite" when compared to many other bodycon skirts, as it doesn't show underwear lines through and I can easy adjust the length without compromising the skirt. I also looked at all my clutch bags and wondered why I never ever wear them during the day? Life is wonderful and you should celebrate each day by wearing your nicest and shiniest clothes! (okay - slight exaggeration, but you get the idea)

PS. To show how happy I am about the weather and 1/3 exams being done, I decided to make some more cheerful outfit photos this time (some of you complain that I always look pissed off), and I even tried a jumping one! Now, I'm sure if I pulled a fierce face instead of that overly excited open mouth look, the photo would have been a bomb :D

What do you think about this all-white look? I'm definitely going to be doing more of these!

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  1. I love how bright this outfit is, it looks really good.

  2. I love this outfit!
    Your skirt looks amazing with all-white and sequins :-)

  3. The whole outfit is really classy but converse make it more casual. i like that :) i could wear them even to the most serious events :D

  4. Gorgeous outfit, I'm so scared of wearing all white as I would probably spill something down myself haha x

  5. I love all white! The various textures makes it look really interesting, you look stunning!


  6. So pretty:)


  7. very nice outlook.

    Are you studying fashion retailing? I graduated from fashion retailing. But finally i did not pursue to develop my career in retailing.

    Good luck to your exam