Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shopping, lately

Nails Inc. nail polish (color: kensington high street) and Sephora eyebrow gel
Accessorize silk pyjama set
Zara strappy sandals
Claire's colored gem necklace, and a Yes to Carrots mint lip balm
Zara strappy sandal heels

Heyhey. Apologies for the non-existent update during the previous week. You know those days where you just don't feel like doing anything and even cancelled plans seem exciting? Yeah. Anyway, today I went to town to meet a friend, as well as check out the sales. In this post I combined today's buys with the things I bought in UK when my parents came to pick me up. Lately I'm trying to be more careful with shopping, so also all these items were needed and carefully thought of before purchasing. Well, sort of. The weather seems to be picking up during these days, so you can expect some outfit posts in the next few days!

Which item is your favorite?

PS. Little rant: everyone, stop obsessing about Google Reader closing down tomorrow! It won't make any impact on your life whatsoever. What you use is Google Friend Connect - a completely different thing and there have been no claims of it shutting down on blogs that are powered by Blogger. 


  1. I really like the nail polish, i've got a dark night blue color from the same brand. I also like the sandals, I should buy a pair too for summer:)

  2. love that rich color of nail polish. I'll need to get some sandals from ZARA, they're so cute!

  3. Ooo the silk pajamas! very pretty

  4. You don't need to apologies for having a life :) xx

  5. Pyjama set and sandals are amaaaazing! No worries about updating. Its important that you try to upload something at least :)

  6. I love this pyjama set and the nail polish ! ♥

  7. Great haul, the sandals look so lovely :)

  8. That nail polish.... I must have!