Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Studded Newbies

Well if there's one thing I love about being a student that lives in the UK is the constant discounts, as well as the usual student discount and free shipping offers, when it comes to online shopping. For I recently ordered these two studded items. The shoes come from Boohoo (direct link) and the phone case from Missguided (direct link). The shoes originally cost 15£, which is already a good price, but then there was a 25% discount on all footwear as well as the 20% student discount, so I paid 13£ for the shoes + delivery. The phone case was 8£ and I received it the next day with free UK delivery. Unfortunately, though, the phone case disappointed me greatly - the way the studs are put on is so bad, they're mainly concentrated on the right side - nothing like the photo Missguided presents on the website. I sure hope that they put more effort into their other phone covers and that I was just unlucky, but I do feel quite ripped off. The Boohoo flats are really nice, only I wish I went a size smaller, however the ankle straps provide support which is great! I can't wait to wear them as soon as the UK weather comes back to its senses. 


  1. ļoti mīlīgas kurpītes neskatoties uz asumiem. Jauki pirkumi.

    xoxo Ra


  2. In 2009 you had this cute, little post in your blog: http://www.kristianavasarina.com/2009/05/new-dress.html
    There is this interesting statement: Now I got 2 things that am definetely gonna do when I live on my own and separate from family: 1 - Tattoo on my ankle, back, stomach, and 2 - get a little dog. The ones you can carry in a handbag.
    So, how do you feel about them? Do you still remember them & want to complete/accomplish them? :)

  3. nice!

  4. love them both xo


  5. Love the shoes! They're so cute, and the heel makes them perfect for every day use, as well as being dressed up :) xx