Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vilar Beauty Salon

Hey there! A few days ago I was contacted by Vilar - a new beauty salon in Luxembourg and was invited to try out one of their treatments, so obviously I decided to do my nails! The thing that immediately caught my attention was that this salon is actually Latvian-owned, and they already had a couple of beauty salons in Latvia before expanding into Luxembourg. Located at Rue du Curé (near McDonalds, Sushi Shop etc.) it is very easy to find! It's the very first time I'm making a review post on a salon experience, so I'm new at this - hopefully I've covered all the details people would like to know! :) Oh, and I went crazy with picture effects/filters, not my usual thing but I think it looks quite fun! 

I've had a long love/hate history with my nails - I used to bite them and my skin was all damaged when I was small, now I've stopped all that but they are so weak that they just constantly keep breaking, which is why I always have some sort of nail polish on, as it keeps them in "one piece" for longer..if that makes sense.  I swear, I was desperately trying to grow my nails before the appointment, but it just wouldn't happen. 

I went for the long lasting Gelish nail polish, which is meant to stay for a couple of weeks. I've tried it once before and it really is very effective! I think that's a really big advantage, especially for those who are too lazy to have to repaint their nails every few days as the color chips off. Basically they paint your nails as they normally would, but you constantly have to put your hands in the UV Gel nail dryers to strengthen the polish. 

This is the result - my nails were already super short, and, after filing them to get a nice shape, they are even shorter, but I honestly don't mind it anymore as they look very clean and tidy - I think that's the most important thing when it comes to a woman's hand and toe nails. The nail polish looks very shiny and shimmery, the texture is super smooth and the color is bold - absolutely loving it! 

This is me and Ilva - the girl who works at the salon currently and also the one who invited me there. It was so nice to talk to some Latvian people! While it is a Latvian salon, they are still looking to get clients from all around Luxembourg, and they offer a lot of beauty treatments, such as massage, manicure/pedicure, eyebrows, waxing for really good prices, like REALLY good, haha. I'm always discouraged to visit beauty salons in Luxembourg as they are ridiculously expensive, so this is definitely a win for me. You can check their price list here. They actually have a 20% discount for nail, eyelash and waxing procedures, which makes the prices even cheaper! For good deals you can check out their Facebook page and you can book an appointment by calling +352 691 725 975. :)


  1. Izklausās pēc lieliska apmeklējuma! Un vienmēr ir ļoti forši dzirdēt kā latviešiem iet citur pasaulē! :)
    Un par nagiem piekrītu, vienalga garums, krāsa utt., galvenais, lai nav netīri un tie ir kaut cik kopti!

  2. OMG THEIR PRICES! I think i might just have to go in and get my nails done!