Saturday, August 3, 2013


I have heard from quite a few of you that you want some diversity, rather than only outfits on my blog (about a year ago, people were begging me for outfits as I rarely ever posted them :D), so I thought I would show you some of my latest goodies, gifts, purchases.. :)

I received this amazing bracelet from a family run jewellery and accessories boutique called Millie 'n' Mae! I'm in love with the deep blue color and I can't wait to feature this bracelet in an outfit post!
Yesterday I received these plimsolls from Flossy and I don't even know how to explain how much I love them! First of all of course the floral print/texture is super cute, the material of the shoes is very skin friendly and soft. I wore them to town today (outfit pics coming soon!) and I literally felt like I was wearing slippers. Oh, and what's more is that they smell AMAZING. Yes, you read that right. I opened the box and this amazing smell came to my face - such a nice surprise! I posted a picture below where you can see how they look on (slightly...) tanned skin. You can get the same pair for £25, right here (as well as espandrilles and many other versions!) Yes, they were gifted to me but I will always stick to my own opinion when it comes to gifted products as I value my readers, so I can honestly say I highly recommend them :)
I was very happily surprised when Boohoo contacted me saying they want to send me some stuff - after all I've been shopping there for a few years now, so I was really over the moon! I chose this gorgeous paisley dress with a nice back detail and the Zara lookalike heels (picture below) - yes, I couldn't resist those shoes, even though EVERYONE has them. I also received this dress from Motel Rocks, I've already worn it so much as the material is pure viscose meaning it's perfect on your skin during those really hot summer days!
I have not shopped much in Latvia yet, as most of my money has gone on food and going out, but I did make a few quick stops in a few shops, such as Bik Bok (surprise, surprise..) and I bought this mesh white tank top. I haven't worn it yet, as I need to figure out the whole bra situation properly to avoid looking rather inappropriate! Some new beauty/skincare purchases: Essence Stay Natural concealer (I've never tried a concealer before so it was purely out of curiosity), Maybelline Colorama nail polish - the black one is amazing and the white one is TERRIBLE, bubbles everywhere... L'Oreal BB cream - took the lightest tone and I still look like an oompa loompa. The Body Shop Blueberry shower gel and tea tree oil lotion (it's pretty good and refreshing!) and finally a Maybelline pen eyeliner which is quite decent. As you can see, I'm no make-up junkie and I don't know very much about this stuff in general, but I hope that in the  future I will develop a greater understanding and find the perfect beauty products for me.

What was your favorite item? 

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  1. that bracelet is beautiful! i keep staring at it *.*


  2. That´s some great stuff, lucky girl ;)

  3. The bracelet is so lovely, kind of vintage looking and so elegant!
    Love the look of everything here :)

  4. Man ir 4 produkti no Tevis minētajiem :)
    Essence konsīleris ir viegls un labs, bet man kaut kur pazudis, laikam būs jāpērk atkal. Maybelline nagu laka ir briesmīga - caurspīdīga, vajag vismaz 5 kārtas, lai būtu efekts, BB krēms ir pārāk tumšs, bet TBS želeja ir dievīga. Dievinu melleņu sviestu, un kad ieraudzīju dušas želeju, grābu ciet pat nedomājot. :)

  5. That bracelet is so perfect!I really love that deep blue color!

  6. That bracelet is gorgeous! And I love those dresses!

  7. Man ļoti patīk rokassprādze, ko tu esi saņēmusi, labprāt tādu iegūtu arī savā īpašumā.
    Man arī patīk TBS Tea Tree Lotion, tas ir viens no retajiem TBS produktiem, kas man patīk un kas tie regulāri pirkts.


  9. Where can I get the shoes from?
    I can't find it at Zara.. :(

    1. I wrote it above, they're from Boohoo :) link straight to the shoes here:
      if you order them, i suggest you take one size smaller than usually, or if you are in between 2 sizes, take the smallest one :)