Thursday, August 8, 2013

Relaxing By the Lake

Here is another series of pictures that I took while at the countryside! The location is actually the garden of my dad's uncle, who puts a lot of effort into making it a beautiful place. My outfit here is really really simple, however on those really hot days you really do need to prioritize comfort as there really is nothing worse than being stuck in tight clothes that make you sweat and cling to your body all day while you are suffocating (story of today, actually, oops).
Tomorrow night I'm going to Estonia to visit my good friend Maria for the weekend and I'm super excited as I haven't been to Estonia for more than 10 years (when we lived in Finland we would drive to Tallin to get the ferry to Finland) and it's going to be awesome to see Maria again! I will most likely prepare scheduled posts again as I did last time - I realize now that this method works quite well as everything is prepared in advance, therefore my update is constant.

Outfit details

Top - Bik Bok
Skirt - c/o Chicwish
Sandals - ZARA
Sunglasses - c/o Romwe


  1. Gorgeous outfit! I love simple looks :) What a beautiful garden too! x

  2. Tik ļoti skaisti svārki!
    Bildes fantastiskas. :)))

  3. it is always a good idea to relax by the lake:) xx

  4. The most beautiful things are simple! Loving the second photo <3 And that garden looks beautiful. At the beginning I thought that you are wearing a dress :D

  5. You are looking lovely in this white top. I like your sandals most. ZARA is best brand for women sandals. I have a pair of sandals of Metro Shoes which look like same as yours.