Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Bikini from New Yorker

Sweater and tank top from New Yorker

Underwear from Lauma Lingerie

Hey there. I've had a rough week, and it's only Wednesday - the sun is obviously shining elsewhere at the moment. As a result of this, my blogging mojo has gone on a vacay and I really have had difficulties to bring myself to blog. My blog is a reflection of myself and I am only human, so I sincerely hope you understand that it will not always be perfectly updated.. I am not going anywhere though, I will definitely try posting every day, like usually.
Meanwhile, I remembered that I have some giftcards from the press day I recently went to, and decided that some "free" shopping will never hurt anyone. I first went to New Yorker where I actually found some nice things (it's not one of the shops I usually find things I want to buy). Actually, not even nice things, but AMAZING things! The bikini in the first photo certainly made me feel better because I really needed a new one but just couldn't manage to find a suitable and nice one during this summer or the last 2 years in general, really. It was on sale, and together both pieces cost 6LVL (8.50 EUR/7.30GPB). The black embellished sweater in the second picture was an impulse buy but also somewhat needed, as I'm really lacking in the top/shirt/sweater department lately. It's very soft and comfortable and I love the fact that the wolf has embellished eyebrows, haha. The white tank top is one of those really loose/low ones and was also quite a necessity, so I was happy to find it for 2LVL.
When I got to Lauma Lingerie (originally a Latvian lingerie brand) to use my other giftcard, I didn't know which direction to look, as most of their new collection has pretty much the same shape/look as the underwear in the picture, but so many beautiful different colors! I guess I had kept in mind the awesome bikini I found earlier today so I also went for a similar color there. Btw, it's not something I tend to do - post pictures of new underwear (or old, for that matter..just to clarify that), but since I got a gift card at a press event I feel it should be done out of courtesy to Lauma Lingerie for being so nice and giving us gift cards! ♥


  1. I'm sad that you're having a rough week. We're here for you! <3

    I adore the things you got from New Yorker. Really sweetheart-like :)

  2. You seem to like the color purple :D

  3. Love that swimwear!! Good choice (:

  4. The shopping theraphy always helps! :)

    Actually your post made me think I should pay a visit to New Yorker... Because just as you said it "it's not one of the shops I usually find things I want to buy", but the wolf sweater made me smile!