Friday, August 23, 2013

Right Here, Right Now

Hey! This outfit is actually a recreation of something I wore a few weeks back in Latvia - with a few minor changes regarding the accessories. Sometimes you wear something you like but there just isn't enough time to take some photos which can be quite stressful as a blogger - it almost feels like the outfit was wasted, haha. That is why I like to write down the details of previous/future outfits on post-it notes so that I know what to shoot when I have no inspiration!
I am over the moon in love with this dress that Boohoo kindly gifted me a few weeks ago. It has the perfect paisley pattern and the cut is very flattering! I anticipate people asking about the bra situation with this kind of dress - it's quite simple with an adhesive bra. They really are useful, and if you follow the instructions they will last you quite a while.
A few days ago I received these amazing Cheap Monday cat-eye sunglasses from I'm really particular when it comes to sunglasses, because I have a never ending fear that so many shapes don't suit me, mostly because of my eyebrows. They always need to be big enough to cover my eyebrows, then I'm sorted! So far, these sunglasses are growing on me and seem to tick all the boxes in terms of my strange sunglasses requirements.

Outfit details 

Dress - c/o Boohoo 
Jacket - Topshop
Earrings - Accessorize
Clutch - c/o Oasap
Sunglasses - Surfdome 

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  1. Hahaha, i feel exaaactly the same about "wasting" a good outfit when i don't get to take outfit pictures! i should also write down what i wore and then re-wear it, such a good idea :D

  2. You look so lovely! Such a pretty dress and such a cool jacket! Love your hair like that too. x

  3. gorgeous outfit and I love your pics.

  4. I think your blog has become really unpersonal:( I've been reading it from the beginning, but compared to then, now you only talk about clothes and it feels like you only get clothes, you don't buy anything anymore and it looks like the only purpose of your blog is to make publicity for certain brands :( Also I feel like you are loosing your personal style because of all the free stuff you have to (? do you?) post.
    I can imagine it is awesome to receive free clothes etc, but I'd like it better if you post more personal things, because it makes your blog much more interesting in my eyes. :)
    don't take this the wrong way, it's supposed to be a constructive critic from a faithful reader :)

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment, I appreciate all kinds of feedback :)
      I understand but I have chosen to change the direction of my blog and make it purely fashion/style based, as it is really what I enjoy doing/reading! I try to stay personal but too many things have happened due to me being so open on my blog years ago, even things concerning my family and I would never want to harm my family and friends thanks to my blog. I also try to do quality > quantity, which is why I don't post rushed and blurry webcam photos anymore before going out or pictures of me eating pizza while watching Pretty Little Liars.
      As for my style, I personally feel that I am only evolving as I'm finally old/confident enough to wear what I really want without having some restrictions. The clothes I receive for free are only the clothes that I choose myself according to my style - I would never work with a brand if what they offered was not something I would buy myself anyway. Trust me, I've received plenty of clothes which I have never showed because I didn't like them - I wouldn't do false advertising. I do still buy plenty of clothes myself (probably too many!) however I need to be more careful with my spendings as I'm living a student life now :)

      If you have any suggestions as to how to make my blog more personal without compromising the safety of myself or my family, they are always welcome!

      Hope that explained everything, hope you understand and thanks for reading my blog! :) x

  5. You look beautiufl love the dress and the bag :)