Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cosmo Blog Awards

Hey there! Sorry for the absence - I'm quite sick at the moment and I'm giving my best efforts to recover in time for my birthday on Tuesday. I'm sure that some of you know that I'm nominated in the category of Best Established Fashion Blog for Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013, which is still quite a shock despite having known this piece of information for more than 2 months. The event is in a little more than a week so, naturally, I'm stressing out about what to wear. Obviously, I've got a big bunch of pretty dresses in my wardrobe, but the dress code is definitely "dress to impress" so I want to make it a little bit more special. I ordered these 2 jumpsuits, I love them both and I couldn't actually choose! The black one is very me, and I could easily play around with the accessories and the hair/make-up, whereas the rose one is definitely a statement piece which would be worn with simple accessories - the only thing is that I'm afraid of looking a bit OTT with this one. Having said that, I'm glad I have a plan A and plan B.

I'm super excited about the blog awards, even though I honestly don't expect to win anything as I'm against some of the best blogs in the country, but I'm still sure it will be a great experience and a fun night.

I'm going to go for a nap again now as I feel quite weak, I just feel a bit guilty lately for not having such a good update, my goal is usually around 5-6 posts per week but sometimes I just have no inspiration whatsoever. Goodnight ♥


  1. OMG

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  3. Puķainais ir pasaka. Nešaubos, ka abi Tev izskatīsies lieliski. :)

  4. I like the black one! Hope you win, will keep my fingers crossed for you :)x

  5. First of all congratulations! I am so envious! :D

    Second the black one looks fab!

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  7. Congrats!! happy for you

  8. yay for you!! love the flower kinda style! you would definitely pull it off!! *as usual* :D

  9. Both of these are gorgeous! I think the black one is more formal, and more sleek and would look amazing with some gold accessories.

  10. Oh, what a decision to make! :)
    I like both jumpsuits, but...
    The black looks classy and sexy and thus will most likely make you look older and reserved...
    So I think in your case the flowery one would be more flattering, as the roses would embrace your young beauty (without making it sugar sweet though!) Besides, it is more "statement".

    Good luck! :)