Monday, September 23, 2013


Hey, as you can see in the title it's my last post EVER as a teenager! Quite scary. It definitely hasn't been the best last day of my teenage life, but I guess I'll get over it. Tomorrow I will go to town to pick up some gifts from shops, as well as run some errands, and then in the evening I'll have a sushi dinner with my parents - can't wait!

This outfit is so typical me, all black. Finally a warm day with 20 degrees came, and while others might try to get a last glimpse of summer, for me it's still all black! Anyway, how amazing is my bag? It's from a brand called Jump From Paper and this particular bag is called Jazz, which comes from their limited edition range. Their idea is for people to stop taking everything so seriously and enjoy the life we've been given! I'm pretty sure most people would do a double take when seeing bags like this in the streets as they look like something out of a cartoon! In terms of practicality, the bag is not very big because of its 3D design, but it could easily fit in a few daily essentials!

Also I've been meaning to show you this amazing necklace by New Vintage By Kriss! You might remember my post about the Polhem PR press day where I got to meet the super sweet designer behind the brand, Kriss Poldma. A few days later we had a very lovely meeting where I was gifted this necklace. It's very delicate and girly, and the crystal is light pink, which makes it even better! For my Latvian readers, you can actually buy the jewellery at Madam Bonbon Boutique (Alberta ielā, 1-7A).

PS. What is up with Blogger changing the colors of pictures? My last 2 outfit posts have such strange colors, for this one I used flickr as a host, but I usually prefer to store all my photos straight on the blog, so this kinda sucks.

Outfit details

Crop top - Primark
Necklace - c/o NVBK 
Skirt - ASOS
Heels - c/o Boohoo
Bag - c/o Jump From Paper


  1. Nevarēju nepateikt- Tev tik ļoti skaisti mati izskatās šajās bildēs! gari un biezi, prieks skatīties! :)

  2. You have a very beautiful blog. I love this look!

  3. When did you buy this skirt? It's goooooogerous and so is your look. <3