Wednesday, September 4, 2013

London Bound

Good morning! As you may know, I'm back in the UK for a week. I have sort of settled into my new house and it was quite a surprise to see it, since we only saw it once before which was back in Feb/March, and back then there were tenants so it looked different. I love my room, it's very light and big and simple. It was quite boring to be here all alone because my friends are only moving in a couple of weeks time, but today I'm going to London! I'm very excited and I'll take my laptop and camera with me so hopefully I can keep you updated there too.
The dress I'm wearing is from AX Paris new arrivals - I absolutely love it. I will probably take it in other colors as well, because the fit is so good. 


  1. Brīnišķīgas bildes! Veiksmi! :)

  2. Are you gonna do a room tour once you've settled in completely? :)

  3. I'm the same as you, all alone until everyone else moves in. I'm also in London so we can definitely meet up?! xxx