Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer Daydreams pt. 2

You might have already seen the first part of this shoot I did with the lovely Christine Xuan a few months ago. Funny story, about the last photo. Tina's sister Amy was my chauffeur and we struggled to get the boat in the right direction for the photos, and every time we caught a good moment, Amy had to hide in her seat (even in this picture, she is hiding, haha). I really like the summery athmosphere of these photos - although the weather is still relatively warm at the moment, I know that it will be almost a year until the summer feeling will be back. I'm actually a person who is always cold and shivering (unless it's really warm), so for me the whole year feels like a long winter and then a short summer, nothing more, nothing less!

Anyway, in a few days I'm flying to the UK for a little while, I'm quite excited as I will also spend some time with Tina (who took these photos) in London, as well as attend some exciting blogger events including the bloggers event for the Pandora Flagship store opening on Oxford Street. Other than that I will spend time in my new house for next year - I already mentioned that I will be living with some friends (1 girl and 3 guys) so I will move my first things there and try to settle in a bit, so that when I come back to uni for real, it is not such a big shock. At first I wasn't too sure about this week in the UK because the house has no internet yet, but we now got that sorted so it should be fine and I should be able to blog like normally :)

PS. I've picked a winner of the Funny Faces contest with French Connection, you should get an e-mail in the next few days! :) Thanks to everyone who participated, I absolutely loved the photos and it was great to see that I have such down to earth and funny readers, you guys are just amazing :D ♥


  1. Lovely photos!
    Love the last one!


  2. The second dress is divine! You look gorgeous as always :)

    Roshni’s Journey

  3. That last shot is gorgeous! How did you stop laughing at Amy having to keep hiding?! ahah xx

  4. Wow these photos are stunning!

  5. Stunning! That first photo is amazing!