Thursday, September 19, 2013

Welcoming Autumn

There is no denying that it is getting colder and gloomier every day. It wouldn't actually be too bad, if it wasn't for the wind and the rain, ugh. I haven't quite got the sweaters and coats area sorted yet, but at least I finally have some rain boots! I absolutely love these Hunter wellies and while they are not as glamorous as a pair of heeled ankle boots, I think it's possible to make them actually look good! Most likely I will be purchasing the special socks made for Hunter wellies, I just don't know what color yet and they're quite pricey for a pair of socks, haha. By the way, this particular pair of wellies is called "Hunter Wellies Original Tall Black", but you can get other colors of the Hunter Wellies Tall range (all bold words are clickable and will take you to the page :)). I apologize for some of the pictures having different colors, for some reason my camera does that depending on how close/far I am.

In just a few days (24th September) it will be my birthday and I will say bye to my teenage life. I have always had mixed feelings about my birthday - a few of you might remember me mentioning in my "25 Facts About Me" post that I've cried on every single birthday, and it's true! I think it's a mix of unreasonable expectations and feeling like I should have done something more (like a party, for example). Hopefully this year I'll keep calm, haha.

>> By the way, I'm quite bored tonight, so if you have any questions, go ahead and ask me here on my :) <<

Outfit details

Jacket - c/o Romwe
Dress - Zara
Wellies - Hunter c/o Cloggs 
Necklace - c/o Pandora 
Earrings - Accessorize 


  1. I was trying to think of what I specifically liked about your outfit, but I can't because I like every single thing about it - the plaid dress, the cool moto jacket, the hunter boots - love love love!

    And Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one!

  2. Tas tiešām ir lieliski, ja gumijzābaki var izskatīties tik labi outfitā.:)) Tiešām lieliski saskaņots viss!!
    Un par dzimšanas dienām, es tevi pilnībā saprotu..ikdienā to tā nejūt, bet dzimšanās dienā viss nezidarītais liekas 100 reiz liekāka bēda..:(

  3. I really must get some hunter wellies they're a winter staple!

  4. the wellis hunter rain boots are so original in this combination, so cute with this plaid dress and a touch rock with the jacket !

  5. i know what you mean about the days getting colder and gloomier! yuck! but i do love this outfit. especially that dress and the print! really nice. and so sleek with the jacket! I admit, what often keeps me going in the fall is fashion and cute looks like this one!

    Sparkle & Chic

  6. LOVE! Oh my god so perfect! That dress is so cute and looks awesome with the rain boots!

  7. It's a great look
    I love tartan

  8. I need this dress! I found your blog after you left me a comment on mine, and I'm so glad I looked at yours! Bit worried for my bank account now I've followed you though haha, your clothes are gorgeous!

  9. I love this look, its so perfect! x

  10. Hi love, I just discovered your beautiful blog! You've got killer style and I love how you're rocking the plaid trend! Can't wait to see your next outfit post :)

    Xo, Hannah

  11. Awww Kristina you look really adorable wearing your Hunter Wellies with black Tights, I think Wellies are meant to be worn with Tights, they look much better than stuffed into Jeans.

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    1. Like i wrote below my comment field, if i will like your blog I'll follow you anyway - please don't ask for it. Thanks!

  13. jajaja i just saw your comment on milex blog!

    Guess it's the only way some people have to promote it. To get visitors and maybe some sponsors, but whatevaah

    thanks to him i could discover your blog so i guess hes not that bad :P

    Amazing dress, I tried it on yesterday but didnt look as good in me, so didnt buy it :P you really rock it ;)

    Kisses! <3

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     - Hannah's Heels

  14. not really but sorry to bother you! you're awesome anyway

  15. Great looks!
    Love your style!

  16. Love this look, very Fall appropriate! It reminds me, I have to get a pair of wellies as well :)

    xoxo, Peppi

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  18. Absolutely love your dress! Hope you have an amazing birthday lovely xx

  19. Oh wow you look so amazing! Love the hunter boots and studded jacket <3