Friday, October 18, 2013


Q: Could you make youtube videos? 
A: I've been seriously thinking about doing it for a few months now, however I'm not sure what kind of videos to do, let me know if you got suggestions :)

Q: How tall are you and how much do you weigh, also do you do anything to stay so skinny?
A: I'm 168cm tall and weigh around 49-50kg. I don't do anything in particular to be "skinny" - I just have a more or less healthy diet (read about it here), however I cheat with bad food pretty much every day :( I do sometimes go to the gym and classes (zumba, body balance etc) while in the UK though. Other than that I'm just naturally thin, like everyone in my family.

Q: Do you feel more at home in Latvia or Luxembourg or England? 
A: Such a good question! It is very hard to say because obviously my nationality is Latvian, however I don't feel that I belong there as I just lived in Latvia for a couple of years before moving to Finland when I was 5. England is where I spend more than 6 months each year, so it's pretty much my actual home, however my family and all my school friends are in Luxembourg, so I probably feel most at home there.

Q: How do you see yourself in the future ? 
A: I can imagine myself having a career in fashion, not design kinda stuff but more like being a manager or something along those lines. Preferably in London.

Q: Do you like what you are studying?
A: Yup, I love it, especially this year, the modules are really interesting!

Q: How many kids would you like to have?
A: Not too sure, probably 1 or 2.

Q: Are you planning to live in London for the rest of your life ?
A: I'm not really planning anything, but I really hope to move there for my placement next year!

Q: Would you ever like to return to Latvia? :))
A: I probably wouldn't like to live there, but I love visiting on holidays!

Q: Do you earn money with blogging? Also don't you think that now when you started blogging less but with more proper outfit photos your blog is more successful in a way? (I mean you working with brands like h&m, ghd etc?)
A: Yep, I do! And I agree, a lot more companies did approach me as soon as I started putting more effort into each post with the photos and stuff, which is really awesome of course but my priority is to produce interesting/fun content for my readers. I'm hoping to keep making proper outfit posts but also mix it up a bit, so that the update is more frequent and also to have a variety.

My little brother who takes many of my photos including the portraits in this post ♥

Q: Do you think you will quit blogging sometime?
A: Again, I have no idea what will happen in the future, I do not plan things like that. Probably at some point in my life, I will be too busy with my career to maintain my blog.

Q: Do you think you're attractive? Do you have mostly bad days or good days?
A: I am satisfied with how I look and if there's something that bugs me then I try to work my way around it. I assume you mean bad/good days in terms of how I look, right? If so, then I would say that I mostly have good days. I've probably outgrown the teenage period where my complexes dominated me!

Q: Do you ever get mean comments? you used to get them all the time
A: Surprisingly I don't anymore, and I can't even remember the last time..probably 2-3 months ago, haha. Either my readers really like me or those who dislike me finally realized that nobody's forcing them to read my blog.

Q: Why/How did you start blogging?
A: I first found in 2009, and it became my daily read for a couple of months. Slowly I started discovering that the people behind those profiles have blogs, which back then was completely new to me. I read a few blogs religiously for some time before I decided to make my own.

Q: What are your favorite blogs??
A: Definitely these 3 blogs:, and

Q: When did you have your first time?
A: Way too young.

Q: Do you have any advice for people who want to get more followers on their blog? x
A: Yes! Maintain a constant update (eg. if you decide to post twice a week, stick to it), produce interesting content and interact with other bloggers (commenting their blogs, twitter, FB, etc). However getting a high number of followers should never be the objective ;-)

Q: At what age would you like to get married?
A: I am still unsure where I stand on the whole marriage idea, personally I don't think it's very necessary, but I think that when I'll be older, I'd probably want to get married. The age doesn't matter, but the right circumstances and right person does!

Q: How much of your wardrobe content has been sponsored/gifted by companies? Do you still go shopping as often as you did before or is it less cause of this?
A: I'd say roughly around 40-50% ? I do still shop a lot, way too much actually, haha.

Q: Do you cook?
A: What a strange question! Of course I do.

Q: What's in your bag? :) ♥
A: Pen, wallet, lip balm, tissues, keys, post office slips, phone.

Q: Could you give a few recipes/say which dishes you like to cook?
A: I have pasta almost every single day as I am really lazy, so I just end up using different sauces to make it more interesting :P something that I do recently is soya cream + grated cheese + herb salt, all on top of pasta and then mix it.

Q: What do you think are the basic clothing items that a girl MUST own?
A: Black skinny jeans, black blazer, LBD. Black, black, black.


  1. you're amazing. thank you so much for all these answers, you sure know how to entertain your readers :)

    1. You have no idea how happy this made me, thanks :))))))

  2. why did you stop dying your hair?

    1. It was super damaged and didn't look natural. I want my natural hair color to grow out so I keep cutting the ends every now and then and just try to take as much care for my hair as possible! I'm really happy with the fact that my natural hair color isn't TOO harsh against my colored hair, otherwise I'd probably be tempted to do some damage again.. :P

  3. I loved this q&a post!
    and as a youtube person (I make videos and love watching others videos) I also think you should make them, anything related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle :)

  4. you are gorgeous, really love your blog Xx

  5. So you have lived in Finland?! :D Hahaa I am a Finn and that's why it sounds so strange.. Where did you live back then and do you know any Finnish words?

    Oh, and your blog is awesome, I really like your style and how it always have some kind of twist in it. :) And sorry about my english, I know it's not that good but I hope you can understand it.

    1. Helsinki, Latvian embassy :) yes i spoke fluent finnish but forgot it when i moved back to Latvia as I was just a kid! Now the language makes no sense to me and I only know a few words :/

  6. Wow!! Your brother is a brilliant photographer!!! Congratulations to him!! :)

  7. You're so beautiful! I love this post, it's nice getting to know you a bit more :)

  8. ouu, it was so interesting to read this. And again I made sure that you are awesome girl. I love your blog, so keep going, because you are my inspiration! <33

  9. what is way too young for you? :P

  10. fab postttt x

  11. Your hairs ALWAYS look beautiful! I didn't even noticed your grown natural hair!

    1. aww, thank you so much! yes it kind of blends with my dyed hair hehe :D

  12. Agree with you and your hater comments. People are growing up, finally!

  13. Man ļoti patīk tavs blogs un tiešām domāju, ka tev vajadzētu sākt filmēt video Es pat priecātos par ikdienišķiem vlogiem, kā arī protams OOTD video ar mūziku fonā. Būtu super! :))

  14. Love your answers! Very clear and specific.

  15. I always felt so bad for you when you received hate messages!! So happy it stopped. you don't and didn't deserved that!! YAY HAPPY (: