Sunday, October 27, 2013


Loving the blue SS14 Fiorelli bags with Kaori! As well as showing us a FULL room full of Fiorelli bags at the amazing Westbury Hotel in London, we were also introduced to their new jewelry range. The prices of Fiorelli items are very affordable, which is a great thing for students, however at the same time they offer quality and a designer-bag look. I'm definitely going to be picking up some of their items next Spring ;-)
Absolutely loving the mix between the tropical print and the sporty sleeve on this top.

Supercute Cruciani bracelets, all cost about 10£

One of my favorite collections at the event - the tribal jewelry from Sweetlime
Black Score's t-shirts and sweatshirts were super eye-catching, basically they take every iconic T-shirt that is out there (think, Celine, Cara Delevingne's face, Hermes, etc) and make a parody out of it, such as the one above, originally Boy London to Toy London, with a Buzz Lightyear. This bag is one of the most stunning and precious bags I've seen in my LIFE, it was so beautiful but unfortunately completely out of my budget.
Amazing Hannah Warner pieces
Amazing embellished occasion dresses at Suzannah
I got my hair done by the awesome Parisian hairdressers from Massato, plus they gave me some hair goodies, yay!

**If you are interested in some of the items where I did not mention a brand, check back in 1-2 days!