Saturday, October 19, 2013


Recent purchases: River Island & Urban Outfitters

Hey there! I wanted to show you the rest of my new things that I bought at the student shopping night. The first is the pink fluffy River Island sweater (better pic on Instagram), which is soooo soft and warm! I've literally lived in it ever since the purchase. In the last photos you can see my Urban Outfitters purchases; I've considered buying a fedora for a long time now and finally caved. It was 26£, so I do hope I make the best use of it! I also got a pair of golden hoop earrings with lions, also these I've worn almost nonstop - when I get a new pair of earrings I'm usually way too attached to them.

Today was meant to be a productive day, however I haven't done half the things I planned to, which is a bit annoying. I did, however, order quite a bit of homeware from H&M and some other shops, exciting! Lately I find myself getting way more excited about buying homeware rather than clothes. Notice, I said clothes, meaning that it does not include shoes ;-) hehehe. I also wanted to say thanks to all the sweet comments on my Q&A post, they really made my day! It means a lot to know that you guys appreciate what I do :) I'm off now, have a great Saturday night! ♥ 


  1. I bet this hat looks gorgeous on you, and those earrings are adorable! x

  2. Love the photography here :) All your new pieces are amazing, I'm jealous!
    Katie x

  3. That jumper looks beautiful! xx


  4. Lovely purchases - I really like that cute knit top! :)

    Away From The Blue

  5. Cute sweater ! <3 perfect for autumn :))

  6. That sweater is to die for. Love it. :)

    Are you going to show your new room on the blog? :)

  7. ah that sweater is sooo cute! i really need to stock up on jumpers for the winter ah

  8. would you do a second part of questions&answers? :)

    1. If I get more questions, maybe :) but I think i answered all!