Thursday, October 17, 2013


BEST JEANS EVER. Yup, I've found them. Finally. After all these years. This goes out especially to my Luxembourg readers - I am aware that it's a common problem we all share, always trying to find the perfect black skinny jeans, right? Somehow everyone in Luxembourg buys Dr Denim but their price only increases each year and the quality isn't the best, plus the color washes out really fast. A few days ago Guildford had the student shopping night where shops like Topshop, UO, River Island and many more had 20% off everything, as well as giant sales. I needed new skinny black jeans for AGES as my Zara ones are ridiculously worn out and first I went to Topshop to look for the Leigh jeans which are okay-ish, but i just couldn't settle for them - too many things I don't like about those jeans to spend 38£ on them. Then I went to River Island and I found a huge pile of these tube pants and immediately fell in love. They're everything I was looking for - skin tight, high waisted, completely black and super flattering! The price was good too - 35£ (just above 41 EUR). When it comes to sizing, if you are in-between 2 sizes I would suggest you take the smaller one as they run a little bit big - I'm gonna have to wash/dry mine a few times as they're just a tiny bit loose on me! Sorry for the huge essay - long story short, I honestly, genuinely recommend these jeans! ♥


  1. They look great! I recently got the Topshop Joni Jeans but I'll be trying these next xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  2. These sound really good, I don't like leigh jeans much either so these might be my new answer x

  3. Those look amazing! I've been looking for a pair like this for a long time :)

  4. Your figure is amazing. I think these jeans are perfect for me thanks for sharing! :)

    Roshni’s Journey

  5. What a perrrrfect fit!


  6. I really love the trousers^^
    Great pics!

    Dreamer Clara^^