Tuesday, November 5, 2013


On my last day in Luxembourg I went to see Thor at the cinema with my little brother. It was such a cool movie, and the ending was the best ;-))) After the movie my brother took some photos of me in the cinema - I was hoping to get some proper outfit photos done that day however it was already dark and not as easy as we hoped. Yesterday I finally took my flight back to the UK - it was kind of late because a crazy guy was trying to get on the plane and when we finally landed, all the trains to Guildford were cancelled so I had to change trains 3 times until I finally got back around 9 (normally it would be 6-7), ugh. This morning I thought I am lucky enough to sleep in as my lectures started at 1, however around 11 I got a text from my friend saying that she's waiting for the rest of the group in the library as we had a group meeting.. Oops! Now I'm finally home, reading through blog e-mails, sorting out my schedule (going to London this week again, but just for a couple of hours) and unpacking my suitcases. I better go now, and continue all those things, I just wanted to pop by and say hey!

PS. I've brought my dad's tripod with me to the UK so I'm hoping to do more outfit posts, as well as try out vlogging ♥


  1. I want to see that movie now looking forward to it. You look great and glad you had fun.

  2. love that your little brother takes your pictures. he's going to grow up to be a photographer!


  3. Oh my god, I'm oddly excited about the prospect of you vlogging, I really hope you do it, it would be so cool:)

  4. love your look

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    A chic kiss ;)

  5. Lovely photos!
    I like your outfit, so nice !

    Stéphanie - http://haveafashionbreak.blogspot.com

  6. Amazing photos! :) You look great :)