Monday, November 11, 2013


Hey there! So sorry for the weird update.. My excuse is an odd one this time, as opposed to the usual no inspiration/motivation etc. Basically I've got LOTS of photos waiting for LOTS of posts, however either I was in the library all weekend, or tucked under my bedsheets drinking tea and medicine. I'm done with my first exam today so I can breathe a little bit, however I've already got my next one in a week! Good news is that after that, the only exams I'll have are the end-of-semester ones in January. ANYWAY. Last Thursday, very unlike myself, I woke up at 6 AM. Okay, back when I was in high-school, this was a normal occurrence - I'd go to sleep at 12PM, wake up at 6AM and feel absolutely fine. Now that I'm in University, the earliest I ever get up is something like 7:34 AM and even that is too hard to handle. However tired and weak I felt last Thursday, nothing could stop me from the excitement of making my way to London as I was invited to the Red or Dead Blogger Breakfast at The Breakfast Club on Rufus Street. It was a very small, low-key event with only a few bloggers so I felt very honored to be there.

We were absolutely spoiled for food and I guess you could say I took full advantage of that! I think I had like 4-5 cups of freshly pressed orange juice, oat-strawberry-banana milkshake, and berry smoothies, it was the perfect refreshment for such an early morning after travelling in a very busy train to London. From the given menu I ordered pancakes with bacon (I've never tried this before so I was really curious!) and fruit salad with mint yoghurt, so basically the two middle dishes in the photo. Both were AH-MAZNIG. I definitely need to go back there, I now get what all the hype is about!

We were then given a really interesting presentation, all about how the brand started as well as their different collections during the years. Did you know that they recently celebrated their 30th birthday? I'd suggest you read all about their story here, it's really interesting I promise you! We then played Red or Dead bingo and the winner could win their awesome Starstruck bike worth £400 - stakes were high! Unfortunately I didn't win but oh well :(

All around the room were showcased items from their current collections, above are some of my favorites! The biggest surprise was when we were told that we could choose one of the items from the rail above to keep and feature in an outfit post. Any guesses what I picked? You may find it easier if you have seen my post about my visit to the Chase PR showroom... I really really really hope it's possible to get the item that I picked as I'm just SO crazy about it since the moment I saw it, ahhhh! :D

It was such a pleasure to meet Katie who is the creative director and also the one who gave us the presentation. She was really funny and quirky, but then again what else would you expect for a brand like Red or Dead?!

Group photo (minus the lovely Chase PR girls), from left: Paige Joanna, Sarah, me, Katie, Amy, Sara, Plum, Siu-Yin Shing.

Super fabulous goodie bag included Red or Dead tights, wallet and cardholder, as well as toast post-it notes (OMG?!), and an iTunes giftcard! Yaaaaay! Thanks so much to Red or Dead and Chase PR for having us, it was such a lovely event and I now feel a special connection to the brand *feeling a bit cheesy now* ♥


  1. Cool breakfast event great food beautiful images.

  2. ugh nothing get's me like beautiful breakfast food. sigh. Love the quirky clothing, especially those STAIRWAY tights :)