Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rose Petals

This post was meant to come sooner, WAAAY sooner, but now that I'm in Luxembourg I've been busy so it was hard to find the time..and when I finally did start the post today I then had to go help fix Minecraft on my brother's computer as I'm the only one in the family who knows all about the game (not the actual game but the endless folders and files behind it, ugh). Well, that turned out to be a 4 HOUR long process meaning that all my evening plans (packing, gathering documents etc.) were not possible anymore. Anyway, in the end I fixed everything so at least the ending was good and my brother was incredibly happy, hah!
The photos above were taken last Thursday when I took my brother to town for some frozen yoghurt and present shopping. As soon as we saw the stairs with rose petals, we (okay, not we but I) thought that it would be nice to shoot some photos there. I love getting a different backdrop to the usual road-near-your-house-with-lots-of-trees thing! That day I felt REALLY bad and weak, and initially was hoping to spend the whole day in bed with pain killers, but I'm glad my brother convinced me to get out as it really helped! In the evening I even managed to go out to a halloween party :))
Tomorrow morning (or should I say today as it's already Monday now..) I need to wake up early and do a LOT of things including going to town for some errands, all before I need to leave my house for my flight in the afternoon, and somewhere between all this I need to get some sleep. Okay, now that I've dedicated this whole post to complaining, the photos actually represent a really amazing day with my brother who means the world to me ♥ Goodnight now! 


  1. Still looking so beautiful as ever! I miss having time to sit and enjoy reading your blog, university is taking over my lifeeee! I hope you're well <3

    Much love,

    Boonya -

  2. Like the casual look, Very pretty on you.

  3. super!:)) xo

  4. Your little brother is so adorable !

  5. lovely outfit and photos! i love that jumper :)


    from helen at

  6. Oh yes the Minecraft Folder system is a mess! Amazing you managed it :D

  7. Great photos! :)) I like this coat :)
    Kisses! :*

  8. Lovely outfit! Love that coat! ;)